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Dead cows wash ashore: Gruesome mystery lurks on Denmark and Sweden beaches

Dead cows wash ashore on beaches of Sweden and Denmark.
Dead cows wash ashore on beaches of Sweden and Denmark.
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Dead cows are washing up on the beaches of Denmark and Sweden and since they aren’t sea creatures, the mystery of how they got into the ocean is under investigation today. People have found eight dead cows on the beaches of Southern Sweden so far, and three cows were found in Denmark, according to the AP on Jan. 9.

The cow carcasses started showing up on Dec. 29 and all the cows had parts of their ears cut off. Authorities believe that was to get rid of any identification marks that were put on the cows.

Some of the cows had their back legs tied together with blue rope and authorities theorize that was so a crane could lift the cows. All the cows are black and white Holsteins, so the authorities believe that all the cases are related.

Police believe a livestock ship dumped the cows overboard, which is illegal. They are checking into all the ships carrying livestock that passed through the waters between the two countries as part of their investigation.

Veterinarians have tested the dead cows and found that they did not have any diseases. The investigation of the cows washing ashore in these two countries is on-going today.