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Dead cats found hanging from tree: 25 dead cats offer gruesome find in Yonkers

Two dozen dead cats were discovered hanging from a tree in a vacant lot in Yonkers. The tree had 25 dead cats hanging from it, like grisly ornaments blowing in the wind. Theses cats were killed, put in plastic bags and fastened to this tree over a period of time, according to the New York Daily News on April 26.

25 dead cats hanging from tree in Yonkers disturbing find for neighbors who report cats gone missing.
YouTube screen shot/ CBS Local

Neighbors have noticed the stray cat population diminishing and they’ve also had cats gone missing. A necropsy, which is the equivalent to a human autopsy, but for animals, was done on three of the cats that were taken off the tree. All three cats died from “blunt force trauma.”

According to CBS News New York, authorities say the cat’s skulls were crushed by a hard, blunt object. The cats were then wrapped in various plastic bags and left hanging off the tree. The dead cats were found decomposed in different stages, so these cats were put there over a matter of some time, possibly a year.

Shannon Laukhuf, the executive director of the SPCA of Westchester said that the felines were all killed in the same violent fashion, blunt force trauma to the head. It appears that the cats were killed somewhere else then transported to the vacant lot.

Police do have a couple of leads, but are not saying what those leads are. It could be that these cat killings are some type of sadistic ritual, this is one possible scenario police will consider in their investigation. Brett Pisano of the Public Works Department said that last year they found a few cats hanging in the same place, “maybe two or three,” but not 25. The cats that were discovered and taken down last year were skeletons.

Neighbors that live in the area are “scared.” A woman who lives next door to this Yonkers’ vacant lot where the cats were found hanging expressed her concerns to the media. She is worried that whoever killed these cats might graduate to people next.

The Yonkers Police and the SPCA responded to the scene after two Department of Public Works employees were doing a routine cleanup on Thursday when they spotted the bags. A gutted cat’s body was hanging out of one of the bags.

The workers then realized that the other hanging bags contained the decaying carcasses of cats. The investigation is on-going today.

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