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Dead boy abuse: 4 y/o boy suffered abuse, babysitter arrested

The little boy had cigarette burns all over his body
The little boy had cigarette burns all over his body
Paolo Neo / Wikimedia Commons

A dead boy suffered abuse according to police. The 4-year-old boy was found dead in a Times Square apartment on Thursday. On Jan. 12, NewsOXY reported that the boy had burns and cuts on his body from physical abuse. The boy's babysitter, 27-year-old Kryzie King, was arrested and charged in connection with his death. King told police that she sat the child on a counter and briefly left the room -- the child then fell off the counter. She couldn't explain his other injuries, however, which were serious.

"Sources say he had cuts and burns — including cigarette burns — on his face and body, burns on his genitals and yellow foam around his mouth (sic)," NewsOXY reported.

The dead boy suffered severe abuse and people are having a very hard time understanding how anyone could hurt a child in such a way. It's unclear how King knew the family but she had been watching the child for the past month or so -- since the boy's father was arrested. The boy's father left his son in King's custody but she was simply described as a "babysitter" not a relative or girlfriend.

The story goes deeper, in fact, because authorities had known about this family for quite some time. In 2011, a neglect case involving the boy's mother was filed. Custody of the young boy was passed around a few times and sadly, the right decision was not made (perhaps not ever).

The dead boy could have withstood abuse for the past several weeks which is just heartbreaking to think about.

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