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Dead boxer's body propped up in ring for wake: Morbid family photos with corpse

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Before dead boxer Christopher Rivera was laid to rest, he was first propped up in a boxing ring for what some might call a morbid wake. His corpse was standing up where he could be viewed by mourners and the body was used to pose for family pictures. This was one bizarre sendoff, which is something Rivera would have liked, claim the folks who knew him well.

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According to Metro on Feb. 2. Elsie Rodriguez, who is the Vice President of the funeral home, said that it took several hours to create the elaborate boxing ring that would be used as the back drop for the boxer’s wake. Friends, family and fans got to say good-bye to Rivera in his natural habitat, the one he loved so much, the boxing ring.

Apparently Rivera had said in the past that when he dies he wants to be remembered for the boxer that he was. With this over-the-top display that has now turned into a global news story, Rivera will be remembered by people who didn’t even know who he was when he was alive.

The boxing ring was just the setting, the icing on the cake was donning Rivera in his yellow and black boxing uniform, along with sunglasses and boxing gloves. River stood in the corner of this ring, as stiff as a wax statue, while his loved ones gathered around him for final family photos.

Rivera was shot to death in Santurce, Puerto Rico on Jan. 26. The killer is still at large today as Rivera goes out in a blaze of glory. The pictures you are looking at are of Rivera’s actual corpse and not one of him when he was still alive.