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Dead body on gurney rolls out of van on busy street: Eerie obstacle for drivers

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A dead body on a gurney in the middle of the street is not your everyday driving obstacle, but it was an obstacle that drivers on a busy Pennsylvania road needed to navigate around on Friday about noon. The dead body had rolled out of a Bucks County Coroner’s Office van’s back doors when the doors opened during a transport, according to NBC Philadelphia on July 13.

The driver of the van knew right away that his lifeless passenger was now in the middle of E. Street in Lower Southampton. He circled around to the 100 block to retrieve the corpse, but for a short time that gurney sat in the middle of the street perplexing drivers, close to Bucks Crossing Shopping Center.

Penn Live reports that this body rolling out into the middle of the street was quite the shock for drivers in Feasterville on Friday. The body is seen in the photo above wrapped in a sheet and sitting in the middle of the street as vehicles make their way around the body. When the driver circled back to the scene, a passerby stopped and help the Coroner’s office employee remove the body on the gurney out of the road.

The passerby, Jerry Bradley, said when he saw the gurney with the dead body, he thought it was a hoax. Once he learned that there was indeed a dead body wrapped under the sheets and that it wasn’t a prank he said “it was the most bizarre thing that he’d ever seen.”

Bradley posted the picture on his Facebook page with the caption:

"Just when I thought I've seen everything. That's a dead body on a stretcher that launched out of the back of a coroner's vehicle in Feasterville."

The Coroner’s office confirms that it was a malfunctioning in the doors that caused them to open mid-transport. The incident is under investigation today, but it looks like it was nothing more than an accident due to the doors.

A county news release conveyed that the Buck County’s Coroner’s Office “deeply regrets the incident.” They are also taking steps to that an incident such as this won’t happen again in the future.