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Dead body on gurney rolls out of coroner's van, lands in middle of street

A horrifying sight happened on a city street in Pennsylvania.
A horrifying sight happened on a city street in Pennsylvania.
Bucks County Courier

There are things that you may see on your daily commute that have you shaking your head, but not usually in the way that things happened on a street in Pennsylvania. Fox 8 reported on July 13, 2014, that a dead body strapped to a gurney actually rolled out the back of a coroner's van and landed on in the middle of a busy street in Pennsylvania.

On Friday, a mechanical malfunction happened with the read door of the van and it caused the door to just pop open. Once that happened, the gurney rolled out and went straight into the street.

According to the Buck County Courier, the incident happened near the Bucks Crossing Shopping Center around noon on Friday.

While transporting a body, an employee of the coroner's office noticed there was a malfunction with the backdoor of the van. As soon as the malfunction was noticed, the driver of the van stopped and walked back down the street to the dead body on the gurney.

A passer-by named Jerry Bradley actually came up and helped the driver get the gurney back into the van. It was said to have all happened "in a matter of moments" so it wasn't like the corpse sat on the street for a long period of time.

"Care was taken to respect the deceased individual in this instance. The Bucks County Coroner’s Office deeply regrets this incident and will take steps to ensure that it is not repeated in the future,” said a release on the incident.

Bradley said that vehicles were driving past the gurney and swerving around it so they could avoid making contact. Bradley just pulled over his car and thought he should help, but he didn't believe what he was seeing at first.

“I thought someone was playing a prank. Someone is pranking people,” Bradley said Saturday night. “It was the most bizarre thing I’d ever seen.”

As he got out of his car, he heard a woman talking a cell phone about the door malfunction as she walked toward the gurney. Bradley pushed it over toward her and then pushed it back into the van as she thanked him for his help.

It was a situation that Bradley will never forget, and one that no-one would ever believe happened if he hadn't taken the picture.

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