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Dead and starving dogs discovered at dog rescue property

Rottweiler/Stock photo
Rottweiler/Stock photo
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According to Sunday's publication of the Davis Enterprise, officials in Yolo County, Calif., discovered several emaciated dogs, including three dead dogs, last week on the property of a dog rescue organization.

A board member for Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue alerted the local animal control to a problem after visiting the property and found things "not to be up to par." The "up to par" concern was an understatement of the actual situation which the authorities discovered on the Davis property - 11 of the dogs who had been entrusted to the care of the rescue agency were found to be severely dehydrated and emaciated and three dogs were dead.

Animal Services Sgt. Mike Nevis described the situation to the Davis Enterprise:

“It was very unkept, a lot of fecal matter, things like that.

He also noted the condition of the dogs who did not survive:

they were very well decomposed. It was pretty bad.”

A Woodland, Calif., based rescue agency stepped in to lend a hand with the rescue process. Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue, which is headed up by Renee Lancaster, rescued 11 of the severely emaciated dogs who were in a dismal state of health. Lancaster believes that the dogs may have gone weeks without access to food; she told the Daily Enterprise:

“We’re feeding them four times a day, and they’re acting like they’ve never eaten,

The neglect has taken a clear toll on the surviving dogs who weigh half of what a healthy Rottweiler should weigh.

Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue has launched a campaign requesting that local officials hold the founders, officers and directors of the Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue accountable for their actions. In a letter addressed to the Yolo County Sheriff's Officer, Animal Services and District Attorney, a long-time volunteer with Rotts of Friends described the situation as one of the worst animal cruelty cases that she has seen.

Kristin Greene, who penned the letter, implored the county officials to "do the right thing," on behalf of the dogs who were made to suffer at the hands of the rescue agency which should have been ensuring their care.

The Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue is headed up by Elaine Greenberg, who has declined to comment on the situation; as of Friday, no one had been arrested or charged.

Find the rescue agency who is caring for the 11 surviving dogs at this link to Facebook.

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