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Dead 44-year-old fetus found inside 84-year old woman

A fetus that was said to be 44-years old was recently found by doctors existing outside the womb of an 84-year-old woman in Brazil.

Dead 44-year-old fetus found inside 84-year old woman
Photo by Agung Parameswara/Getty Images

The woman had gone to hospital on February 7th in the state of Tocantins in Brazil. She had been complaining of “intense stomach pains.”

Those stomach pains were discovered to be an unborn baby which had grown outside of the Brazilian woman's womb.

Fox News says that doctors originally believed the woman had gastrointestinal issues, but on seeing the results of an MRI, they discovered the 84-year-old had been suffering from lithopedion, also called "stone baby.”

"Stone baby" is a medical condition which means the fetus has died during an abdominal pregnancy. It then calcifies because it is too large for the body to reabsorb it.

The woman tells press she became pregnant over four decades ago, but was getting intense pain in the first trimester, so visited a “healer." She believes the healer gave her some homeopathic medicine which aborted the baby.

After being sent to the Porto Nacional Hospital close to Palmas for more tests, one gynecologist said he could see "the face, the bones of the arms, of the legs, the ribs, and the spine" of the unborn baby.

The woman is currently refusing to have the dead fetus removed.

"I can imagine the Brazilian woman must be very scared. I hope she makes the right decision though," says San Francisco resident, Joanna Brown.

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