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De-motivated to get out the door to run? Try my 5 minute rule

All you need is 5 minutes!
All you need is 5 minutes!
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We all get de-motivated once in awhile and find it hard to get out the door to run, especially with the cold of winter on the other side of your door.  You'd rather stay curled up in bed than get up and head out into the cold.  If you don't have a running partner waiting to meet you and hold you accountable to run, or you aren't training for a race goal...sometimes it's easy to talk yourself out of going for your morning run.  If you're talking yourself out of running more than you'd like, try my 5 minute rule and I bet you'll get 99.9% of your runs accomplished!

It's just a simple idea that works for me and I've been using it for years.  It's really just a trick that gets me out on my run when I'm just not motivated to get out the door.  Here's how it works...the rule is "I HAVE TO GO OUT AND RUN FOR 5 MINUTES NO MATTER WHAT" and if at the end of the five minutes I am still de-motivated, then I can turn around and head back home, but not until after 5 minutes of running.  Yes...I know this sounds silly, but it works!!!  The reason it works is because once you get out the find that it isn't so bad and you figure out that you might as well stay out and complete your run now...since you're already out there and have already ran for 5 minutes, it seems pointless to turn back now.  I have only turned back twice in all the years that I've been using this rule.

There's no question that we always feel better after we finish our run for the day.  I don't know why we talk ourselves out of going on a run KNOWING that we'll feel better if we just go.  If we choose not to go, then we beat ourselves up the rest of the day for not going!  This just doesn't make sense, does it?  So...try my rule and see if it doesn't work for you.  I just bet that you'll find out the same thing that I did...once your'll stay out and be happy you did :)

Happy running everyone!


  • Andrew 5 years ago

    Great article, great tool for motivation, I will definitely try that!

    -Boise Triathlon Examiner

  • Carol 5 years ago

    Thanks Andrew...I've had to use it quite a lot this winter myself! It always gets me out the door! Have a great day :)