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De-facto amnesty continues to be forced on us by Obama

With over 60% of American’s against amnesty, in favor of secure borders, why does President Obama and the administration going against our will? Phoenix has had over 700 illegal aliens and immigrants arriving this past week. Border agents have compared this action to, “a criminal was released from jail, without bond, and given a piece of paper that says “Hey, whenever you get a chance; notify us where you are at so we can start criminal proceedings against you.” It only increases the over12 million Illegal’s in the U.S. by another 700 or more. Speaking of releasing people how could a US President Give-up 5 terrorists for a Taliban sympathizer? Since 911 most people see this as an act of treason-grounds for impeachment.

President Obama-speaks no evil? How is the Bergdahl deal good when Five terrorists are free?
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images
President Barack Obama on the White House lawn
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Arizona isn’t recovering from the Great Recession because it’s a builder driven economy and has only replaced at most 57% of the losses incurred. When you add close to a million illegal’s taking American’s jobs in Arizona the odds are against citizens finding employment. Moreover 37.2% are not in the work force which remains at a 36 year high!

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) says, “Illegal immigrants who do not fall within the administration’s priority categories are allowed to work in the United States and receive taxpayer benefits. He noted a report by The Associated Press that 179 illegal workers taken into custody at a Phoenix car wash last year were quickly released because they did not have outstanding warrants or criminal convictions.”

With several federal scandals happing; it’s hard to keep track of important bills before congress. Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R- S.C.), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI.), and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart are in the process of conducting an informal whip count on moving "immigration legislation" before the August recess that doesn’t secure the borders.

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