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Dcigs: Fullscreen not keeping their word

I've written and covered a lot concerning Dandre Gary Siggers aka Dcigs, comedian most known for his seven-year-strong channel on YouTube, along with his second channel, and I've helped out as often as I can when it involves Dcigs. I would like to explain why, and this article will be short, sweet, succinct, and to the point.


Ever since I saw his video The Real Siggas, I saw someone so unlike the rest of YouTube: no filter, himself and true to the end, and who had gone through so much and had found his joy in inspiring people and making people laugh via YouTube. All I wanted to see was for him to succeed where all the other "big-time" YouTubers had gone(and continue to remain, though their content remains static and superficial and with no real honesty to it, while Dcigs soldiers onward.)

Of course, life throws roadblock after roadblock in such a person's way, from Machinima robbing this man to a glitch that has affected other YouTubers, cutting off views and siphoning off potential big dollars, to finally getting out of the contract, reaching his Indiegogo goal, and he signed with Fullscreen, Inc., the largest independent global network of YouTube brands, and things were looking up, for once, after all of the troubles.

Of course, life, and greedy media companies, got in the way of things. Fullscreen, Inc., contract-wise, has only paid Dcigs about 400 dollars, for over 700,000 views: for all of that work and exposure, and such a little payout, this is just criminal.

Flimsy reasoning from Fullscreen aside(Adblock nonsense limiting views, and that is a bold-faced lie, since Adblock did not hurt Dcigs views beforehand) Dcigs deserves way more than to see something he's worked over seven years on, just crumble up in dust for nothing, for the greed of corporations who couldn't care less about comedians and people like him.

Update: The head CEO of Fullscreen responded to my tweet about the situation.

My (undiplomatic) tweet: Stop screwing over @Siggas you no-good thieving pieces of garbage. PAY HIM OR LET HIM OUT THE CONTRACT ALREADY

CEO of Fullscreen, name George Strompolos: I’ll see what’s up. Please be professional. We will do the same.

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