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Dcigs: An Indie Gogo Campaign you should support

Dcigs IndieGoGo Campaign


I've written about Dcigs aka Dandre Gary Siggers before: I've praised him and his comedy and his dedication to hi s work and to his fans. I've covered his trials and tribulations with lawyers and terroristic threat cases and now glitches on various YouTube accounts, including his, and I figured that another article would never suffice.

I was mistaken.

Now, in just 35 hours, unless he can make his goal on Indie Gogo, to get out all of his equipment from pawn stores, to beat the glitch robbing him and various other YouTubers of their hard-earned money, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don't want this to be just a random shilling, so I'll briefly explain why I care so much about this guy and his comedy and want him to succeed so badly compared to others.

Compared to other comedians and people online, you usually run the gambit of not being heard or even replied to: just a voice in the wind trying to be heard, and failing. It usually happens, and is seen as the norm, and ignoring your fanbase seems the way to go if you want to succeed ie Jenna Marbles, SpokenReasons, Smosh, KSI,and so on. They never respond to the fans, and they outright ignore them, too, which always surprises me because the fans helped pay for their lifestyles and big houses, and their "hard work" is just a bunch of jump cuts with randomness and screaming.

Now, take Dcigs here: he not only responds to each and every fan's message and comment as possible, he shares himself so openly with his fans that it's amazing to consider someone like him in this day and age. His video, titled The Real Siggas, goes in depth about his life, from his abusive childhood spent with his step-dad and mom, to his attempts at dealing with the loss of his grandmother, and how far he's come in such a world like ours. He always shares how he feels, and always gives great advice to his fans on just "swimming through the bullshit" of life to get to the better part of it all.

This is why you should donate to his IndieGoGo, link posted at the very top of this article: a man like this, who gives his all to his comedy and his fans, shouldn't have to go down like this without a fighting chance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And swim through the bullshit.

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