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'DCI Banks' Hidden gun causes strife with Alan's team involving murder

Helen & Alan
Helen & Alan
ITV television

DCI Banks” (ITV) ended its' full third TV season on March 10, 2014. Part one of the 2-part episode called, “Bad Boy” garnered 5.83 million TV viewers on March 3. The 18 to 49 adult demographic was not recorded at ITV. The TV series is based on the crime novels by Peter Robinson. It follows former London Inspector, Alan Banks who moved to a fictional town near “Yorkshire Dales.”

All 20 TV episodes are broadcasting on 166 PBS affiliates in the U.S. ITV hasn't announced yet if they will renew the crime drama for a fourth TV season.

DCI Banks” stars, Stephen Tompkinson (DCI Alan Banks), Jack Deam (DC Ken Blackstone), Andrea Lowe (DS Annie Cabbot), Lorraine Burroughs (DS Winsome Jackman), Caroline Catz (DI Helen Morton) & Nicholas Sidi (CS McLaughlin).

Previously, Alan & Annie came together as a couple. Alan's daughter Tracy arrives with a surprise visit. Part one of “Bad Boy” opens with a car chase on the night streets between two vehicles. They stop inside a tunnel & a young man jumps out. He is executed by two hit men.

Alan's former neighbor named Juliet comes to the office to tell him she found a gun in her daughter Erin's room. She thinks Erin's boyfriend gave it to her, but doesn't know who that boyfriend is. One of the men who shot the guy in the tunnel is no longer a hired hit man. His boss fired him & locked his apartment up. There is another hit man who wants that job.

Alan wants to go & pick up the gun that Juliet found, but Helen wants him to follow office protocol. She thinks that Alan is too close to his former neighbors to get involved. Helen convinces Alan not to be a part of a police raid when they retrieve the gun. Erin & her father are heard arguing inside the house. The police break in & the father is tased before suffering a heart attack.

They find out that the gun was given to Erin for her birthday. She tells Alan & Helen that a guy named Jaff gave it to her. The gun has been fired & Erin claims she never used it. Jaff is the man who was terminated & he tells his former boss that he knows where the gun is. The boss wants nothing to do with Jaff, who wants his job back or he'll go to the police with that gun.

There will be an internal investigation into the tasering of the father who had the heart attack. Annie is chosen to lead that investigation of her team of detectives which includes Helen. She headed the police into the raid to retrieve the gun.

Was the raid Helen's fault or the police who tased the father? Why is Alan & Annie arguing over her leading the internal investigation? Why does Jaff threaten to kill Erin over that gun? You can watch part one of “Bad Boy” at website called, “Daily Motion.”

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