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'DCI Banks' Journalist bludgeoned to death 'Piece Of My Heart' Part 1

DCI Banks” (ITV) ended its' 3rd full TV season last March 2014. Part one of the episode called, “Piece of my heart” grabbed 6.63 million TV viewers on Feb. 17. The mystery novels written by Peter Robinson have been adapted into 2-part episodes stretching across 6 segments. Each crime drama follows former London inspector Alan Banks who moved to a fictional town near the “Yorkshire Dales.”

"Piece of My Heart" Part 1
ITV Television

DCI Banks” stars, Stephen Tompkinson (DCI Alan Banks), Jack Deam (DC Ken Blackstone), Andrea Lowe (DS Annie Cabbot), Lorraine Burroughs (DS Winsome Jackman), Caroline Catz (DI Helen Morton) & Nicholas Sidi (CS McLaughlin).

Part one of “Piece of my heart” opened with Alan & Annie coming out of a movie theater just when it begins to rain. They are friends & Annie is a single parent who just came back from maternity leave. They both head to a local pub when the power goes out at 9:15 p.m. Across town, a man named Matt Barber is lighting up candles in his home because the power went off there too. He talks about a stolen tape which he got his hands on. Before he can finish talking, someone bludgeons him to death with a fire place poker.

Alan & Annie head to the crime scene to investigate. Matt's father Jack Barber shows up, but Alan says he doesn't have all the information yet. Alan used to work along side Jack with the London police. Matt was a hardcore investigative journalist who apparently had a lot of enemies. He found secrets on many people.

Jack goes to the morgue to identify his son's body. He tells Alan & Helen that he visited Matt the day he was killed. Annie discovers that there were 27 finger prints at the crime scene. Alan wonders why Matt moved to Yorkshire when he was a top notch journalist. Him & Annie go to Matt's home in London to see if they can find some evidence. Alan tells Helen that his son kept his journalist job quiet & didn't give up anything.

Annie finds a folder on a man named John Guant. He was a guitar player who was murdered back in the 1980's. He was in a band called, “The Crystal Kiss.” A young woman named Liz Forbes is in a photograph taken with that band. Alan & Helen interviewed Liz right after Matt was killed. Plus, her finger prints were found at the crime scene. Alan is a fan of music & he knows all of the recordings made by Liz Forbes. She quit the music business years ago.

Alan studies the music of Liz Forbes as Helen studies Jack Barber who is running for police commissioner. Jack Guant died in the home of Liz Forbes, who 25 years later, still lives in that house. Why was Matt Garber investigating the John Guant death? What does his father Jack have to do with this investigation?

You can watch part 1 of "Piece of my heart" right here.

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