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'DCI Banks' gun goes missing, road rage, murder & kidnapped daughter

"Bad Boy" episode
"Bad Boy" episode
ITV television

DCI Banks” on ITV ended its' third full TV season back on March 10, 2014. Part-2 of the episode called, “Bad Boy” garnered 5.81 million TV viewers overall. ITV did not report the 18 to 49 adult demographic. The crime drama is based on the mystery books written by Peter Robinson. It follows a former London inspector named, Alan Banks who moved to a fictional town outside of the “Yorkshire Dales.”

DCI Banks” has 20 episodes that split into 2-part segments. The crime drama follows each mystery novel closely with twists & turns that keep the audience guessing. 166 PBS stations in the U.S., have been running the three TV seasons. (Check your local listings).

DCI Banks” stars, Stephen Tompkinson (DCI Alan Banks), Andrea Lowe (DS Annie Cabbot), Caroline Catz (DI Helen Morton), Jack Deam (DS Ken Blackstone), Danny Rahim (DC Tariq Lang) & Nick Sidi (Ch. Supt. Ron McLaughlin).

Bad Boy” part two opened with a recap of part one. A gun was hidden in a young girl's room named Erin. That gun was used in a murder by Erin's boyfriend named Jaff. As the investigation progresses, Tracy gets into the car of Jaff. She is the daughter of Inspector Alan Banks.

Alan is desperately trying to find Tracy & the detective team traces the cell phone belonging to her. They also find out that the man murdered was a disc jockey named Richard Martin. Alan breaks into Jaff's apartment & finds his computer laptop. Helen reminds Alan that he broke into the apartment without a search warrant.

Peter Doyle filled a lawsuit against the department. Helen is responsible for leading the police raid where Peter was tasered resulting in a full on heart attack. Helen goes on paid suspension even though she claims she never went into the house where the incident happened. A security camera shows Tracy getting into Jaff's car. Alan nearly goes crazy because he cannot find his daughter.

Jaff's gun is in police custody which was used to kill Richard. Jaff has been trying to extort money from his former boss Al Jenkins. Jaff wants that gun back & shows Al that he kidnapped Tracy. She is knocked unconscious in the trunk of Jaff's car. Police authorities find Richard Martin's body & they also find that Jaff's finger prints are not on that gun.

Al Jenkins meets Alan & confesses to a road rage killing that involved Richard Martin. He also claims that his finger prints are on that gun. Helen tells Annie that a police inspector went into the raid twice & compromised the scene of Peter Doyle. She goes on suspension as Annie investigates her claims. Jaff holds Tracy hostage so he can get half of the assets belonging to Al Jenkins.

You can watch part-2 of “Bad Boy” at the website “Daily Motion.”

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