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'DCI Banks' crime drama follows novel closely Part 1 'Wednesday's Child'

DCI Banks” (ITV) has finished its' third full TV season which aired from February 3 through March 10, 2014. Each murder mystery crosses over into a 2-part episode. There were a total of 6 episodes in season three. The crime drama is based on the novels written by Peter Robinson who follows a former London police inspector named Alan Banks. He moves to a fictional small town in the “Yorkshire Dales” for a quieter life, but he doesn't get it.

Season 3
ITV television

ITV is a website that comes from the United Kingdom that streams online TV shows & sports programs. You can download “ITV Player” (free) to watch all of the ITV programs. The first 2-part episode in the third TV season of “DCI Banks” is called, “Wednesday's Child.” On Feb. 3, 2014 it grabbed a whopping 7.60 million TV viewers with an internet online audience.

DCI Banks” stars, Stephen Tompkinson (DCI Alan Banks), Jack Deam (DC Ken Blackstone), Andrea Lowe (DS Annie Cabbot), Lorraine Burroughs (DS Winsome Jackman), Caroline Catz (DI Helen Morton) & Nicholas Sidi (CS McLaughlin).

Wednesday's Child” opened with Alan holding a barbeque at his home in the country. The guest of honor is Annie Cabot who was forced to go on maternity leave in the last TV season. She brings her baby to the barbeque. Helen Morten took Annie's place at work who had a hard time fitting in with the other detectives.

A young boy named Kyle is being chased by a couple in a taxicab through Yorkshire. He returns to his home & they follow him there. The couple claims to be social workers & they take Kyle from his mother named Katie. They give her a phone number, but it doesn't work. She is scared as Alan & Helen ask her questions. Annie comes back to work & wants to be totally involved with this child abduction.

Katie doesn't get along with her parents & had lost contact with them. She also doesn't want different boyfriends coming in & out of Kyle's life. His father lives in the town of Leeds. Alan asked Katie to retrace what actually happened when the couple came to the home. He's trying to see if the father is angry & wants his son with him.

Helen & Annie sort of compete with each other during the investigation. It is territorial because Annie worked well with Alan. He & Helen interview the next door neighbors. They claim that Kyle runs wild & returns home at all hours of the night. A teacher tells Annie that Kyle is smart & intelligent. He is also disruptive & calls him a little S*** (swear word).

Alan Banks is always in control. He relies on his instincts & his group of investigators know how to follow his lead. He doesn't have a computer, but has a cell phone. His instinct says that Kyle's abduction might have been staged.

Can Annie transition back into her work. Will Helen & Annie look beyond their differences & work together? Where is Kyle? What does Alan Banks see that no one else can during this investigation?

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