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'DCI Banks' boy dies of massive heroin overdose 'Wednesday's Child' Part 2

DCI Banks” (ITV) had finished it's third full TV season on March 10, 2014. There were 6 shows with a murder mystery crossing over 2-part episodes. “Wednesday's Child” Part 2, garnered 6.82 million TV viewers. The ITV crime drama follows a former London police inspector named Alan Banks. He retires to a fictional small town near “Yorkshire Dales.” It is based on the mystery novels written by Peter Robinson.

Helen, Alan & Annie
ITV television

It has been reported that “DCI Banks” was sold into U.S. TV syndication because of its' popularity in the U.K. It went to 166 PBS stations across the country. The swear words & the nudity had to be cut from the original programing. Alan Banks liked to swear every once in a while, plus there were male buttocks & female breasts shown.

DCI Banks” stars, Stephen Tompkinson (DCI Alan Banks), Jack Deam (DC Ken Blackstone), Andrea Lowe (DS Annie Cabbot), Lorraine Burroughs (DS Winsome Jackman), Caroline Catz (DI Helen Morton) & Nicholas Sidi (CS McLaughlin).

Part 2 of “Wednesdays Child” opened with the news that a missing boy named Andre was found dead. They believed it was Kyle, but it wasn't. They discovered that Kyle hid packets of heroin in his home. Annie is performing really good investigative work. Helen is trying to do her job, but she is having problems with her own teen son.

As the media surrounds Katie's home. She sneaks out to see her ex-husband Paul who is back into town to look for their son Kyle. Helen follows her & sees Katie kissing Paul. Katie told investigators that she hated Paul's guts. Alan is forced to look deeper at the crime photos & believes someone is using neighborhood boys to run a heroin drug trade. That includes Kyle. The forensic pathologist reveals that Andre had died of a massive heroin overdose.

James Chivers is the male who took Kyle from his home. Investigators find out that James was in an online chat forum with Kyle's mother Katie. She lied about everything before her son's abduction. Helen believes that Kyle's father Paul is mixed up in this. Alan has to "juggle" everything, but he trusts his crew of investigators. Paul then comes out of nowhere as the prime suspect who was in financial debt, but later makes a lot money in the heroin drug trade.

What makes this TV crime drama unique & interesting is the 2-part episodes that cover everything. The twists & turns follow the written novels almost to the letter. The cast is exceptional, but mainly from the work of actor, Stephen Tompkinson as Alan Banks. “DCI Banks” is one of the best TV shows on television 2014.

Please check your local PBS stations for show times. You can buy season one & two at

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