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'DCI Banks' Alan listens to 25 year old murder 'Piece of my heart' Part 2

DCI Banks” ITV finished it's third full TV season last March of 2014. Part two of the episode called, “Piece of my heart” (Feb. 27) grabbed 6.77 million TV viewers. The TV show is based on the mystery novels written by Peter Robinson which follows former London inspector Alan Banks. Each murder mystery is spread across two episodes which follows the novels more closely.

Annie & Alan investigate
ITV Television

DCI Banks” stars, Stephen Tompkinson (DCI Alan Banks), Jack Deam (DC Ken Blackstone), Andrea Lowe (DS Annie Cabbot), Lorraine Burroughs (DS Winsome Jackman) & Caroline Catz (DI Helen Morton).

Part two of “Piece of my heart” opened with a small recap of part one as Annie asks Alan to remove her from the investigation. She tells him that the lawyer named David Hornby is the father of her baby. He is a suspect in the murder of journalist Matt Barber. She's too close to the case.

Annie did not tell David she was pregnant & confessed that he was married with two kids. Alan doesn't take her off the case. He wants her to study folder files at home on Matt Barber's involvement with the 1980's band called, “The Crystal Kiss.” David hired Matt to investigate the death of band member John Guant which was back in 1989. Matt discovered this tape recording & was bludgeoned to death.

Martin Solmes was convicted of manslaughter in the death of John Guant. He served 5 years. He told Matt that he had the recording of the night John fell down the stairs in the home of the band's female singer named Liz. Matt's father, Jack Barber was on the police force back then & Martin confessed to the murder. Annie discovers that the written confession is missing from the files.

They find a security video of Matt & Jack arguing near a coffee shop. Matt tells his father that he has the recording & wants to do the right thing. Jack doesn't want that recording to be made public because he is indirectly involved with the death of John Guant. The recording could ruin his chances of being police commissioner with the election just days a way.

Three of the surviving members of the “Crystal Kiss” are getting back together. Ian Bassett returns from abroad to rejoin the band & do an interview with Matt Barber. Ian is broke & out of money. He had an intense affair with Liz years ago. Alan closes in on Martin who cracks under pressure & commits suicide. Alan finally gets his hand on that recording & he discovers that Liz is connected to Jack & she is also connected to Ian.

You can watch part two of “Piece of my heart” right here.

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