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DCDEE proposes changes to Child Care Rules

On May 12, 2014, the DCDEE will have a meeting at 1:00 pm in Raleigh to welcome responses to proposed changes to Child Care Rules about Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans and the prohibition of cell phones on buses while driving.Here is where the proposed changes can be viewed.

Basically, according to proposed changes, centers would be responsible for conducting and maintaining records of firedrill evacuations, Shelter-in-Place drills, or lockdown drills. Shelter-in-Place drills will be defined as those drills for hazardous materials released into the air or for tornados. There also must be a detailed plan written for the emergency preparedness of floods, earthquakes, and nuclear disasters. Evacuation and reunification plans must be outlined.

The lockdown drills will consist of having the children and staff inside locked quarters, in case of a dangerous person on the loose in the nearby vicinity. Childcare administrators who have been employed with the center for more than six months will have two years to complete the required training, as approved by the DCDEE. New administrators or designated staff will need to complete the required training within six months and a record of the training must be maintained.

Find the memo about the meeting and contact information here. If unable to attend the meeting, responses may be sent to June 2, 2014.

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