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DC won't let America defend itself

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The laziness and corruption of the Mexican Government has killed more Americans than any act of terror. The study by Rep. Steven King showed that 25 US citizens a day are killed by illegal alien crime. This does not include deaths caused by the narcotics crossing the border. Crimes by illegal aliens, along with the threat of disease, depressed wages, & other negative aspects of illegal immigration are ignored, downplayed & justified by amnesty supporters. While the media is propping the latest guilt trip stunt, the deliberate neglect of thousands of children by several 3rd world countries, it is downplaying yet another aspect of illegal immigration, Acts of War.

For years members of the Mexican Government have been crossing the US Border, usually in assisting the Drug Cartels. During some of these invasions, the Mexican military or police have opened fire on US citizens, Law Enforcement and even the U.S. Military. Instead of using the best fighting force in the world for it's Constitutional purpose, the cowards in Washington D.C. saw fit to arm yet another enemy of freedom. The Mexican government has been given weapons and humvees which ended up in the hands of Cartels and have been used against us. A Mexican Government Helicopter crossed the United States Border and opened fire on United States law enforcement with yet another lack of response. Washington D.C. is forcing the USA to lose the war on the border with Mexico like it wants to lose every other threat to the greatest nation on earth.

Activist must do all they can to defy D.C. and stop illegal immigration in this nation and in our states. Demand no path to legal status bill of any kind be passed. Urge the passage of self deportation laws. Help candidates in primaries live David Brat defeat amnesty supporters like Eric Cantor. Tell others about the destruction of the US with illegal immigration by sharing this story. Save the USA, or at least some parts of it.


List of primaries coming up. You can help candidates in other states by phone calling, internet, or even joining a group of other activist.