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DC Superheroes are at Wendy’s

While over the past couple of months, Marvel Comics superheroes have been living high on the hog in a string of big movie hits (in Captain America: Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and The X-Men Days of Future Past) this month if you are looking for the superheroes who headline DC Comics (Superman and Wonder Woman), you’ll need to head over to Wendy’s because both the Amazonian Princess and the Last Son of Krypton are appearing in that fast food franchise’s kid meals as the toy of the month. Yep, that’s this month, whenever you partake of one of Wendy’s Kid Meals, you will get in your one of five toys with your food.

DC Superheroes comes to Wendy's
DC Comics
Up, up, and away!
Wendy's & DC Comiocs

Those five toys are Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane, Superman’s Speed Challenges, Swooping Superman Glider, Superhero Disk Toss, and a Superhero Training Comic. To be sure, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane isn’t really invisible, it is a cardboard model that you have to punch out of the template and then put together, as is the Swooping Superman Glider, only this one is plastic and resembles Superman flying with his cape spread out behind him looking very much like wings. The Superhero Disk Toss is a pair of mini-Frisbee-like discs and a pair of miniature cardboard standees of Superman and Wonder Woman, with the object to toss the disks and knock over the standees. Superman’s Speed Challenges is a little timer that comes with a series of “challenges” printed on cardboard cards. The user picks a card, sets the timer, and attempts to complete the task before time runs out.

Still, perhaps the best of the giveaway toys is a 12-page comic where The Man of Steel and the Maid of Might team up to defeat Braniac who is attempting to shrink the city of Metropolis to the size of the bottle City of Kandor. The comic is written by Josh Elder and illustrated by Marcus To. The comic also has three superhero challenges written up at the end of the book for readers to participate in for their own amusement. Personally, we are always thrilled to see superheroes make it into fast food kid meal packaging, as we truly have a soft spot for these types of giveaway premiums. While the level of toy has (unfortunately) seemed to have dropped over the years, and the appearance of Superheroes has all but disappeared from fast food packaging, we are very glad to see the world’s most recognizable superhero return to join us for a fast food meal. Still, having said all of that, we are very glad that this appearance of DC superheroes comes accompanied by a comicbook, as we feel that anything that promotes the reading of comics is a good promotion.

Needless to say, if you (like us) are a fan of the comics and/or toys, but simply don’t want to eat the food. Most of the Wendy’s franchises will sell you the toys separately (or, if you want the food, will allow you to pick the toy that you want, so you don’t wind up with duplicate toys if you don’t want them.) At any rate, go, have lunch, and eat with a superhero!


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