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DC's Trinity going towards an official Justice League movie

Before 'Batman vs. Superman' hits worldwide, all fans' eyes will be on the casting build-up for the official 'Justice League' movie.
Before 'Batman vs. Superman' hits worldwide, all fans' eyes will be on the casting build-up for the official 'Justice League' movie.
DC Entertainment

If you look up into that big screen theatrical sky, it is not just the Man of Steel on the horizon.

An official word from DC Entertainment gusted through all smokey hunches and cloud-covered hopefuls to declare a Justice League project is intact for future production. Via The Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros. representative Greg Silverman elucidates on the future project.

The movie slates for a 2017 release. That's a lot of weighty installment for a sequel film we're still in wait for until next couple of years. It will be the re-introduction circa the Chris Nolan executive producer-ship for Batman off the assuming by Ben
Affleck. With a repetitive Oscar-winner on board, the rising star for Gal Gadot comes in the franchise packaging for Wonder Woman. And the cinematic adaptation of DC Comics' World's Best is set to box office contend with the ongoing productions Marvel's Greatest have previously adapted towards.

WSJ clarifies the movie will arrive in theaters around 2018. Also that development has already been put into a "Justice League" script.

Their plans touch on what content and properties can come about as well. President of worldwide production Greg Silverman stated,

"The plans for three superhero movies in relatively quick succession show how intent Warner is on catching up with rival Walt Disney Co.'s Marvel Studios in building a cinematic superhero universe after years lagging behind."

Under the general perspective that DC has come late to comic book film trending, it can be said that DC at least tardies with style.
The insertions slyly defining what the world backdrop likens to through the "Man of Steel" lens came with the makings of everyday
casuality: Luthercorp on a route travelling tractor-trailer; Waynecorp the logo on a satellite. DC Entertainment is executing their
own means and ways, and for the industry and genre it is lifting off with all hoopla while jettisoning most movie-goer's cynicism.

There is still fans' whispery omen over Affleck taking on the Dark Knight. In comparison with the late Heath Ledger's great performance put unker the skepticism that he could match against Jack Nicholson's ensconced characterization of the Joker, Affleck's version doesn't have the advantage of any decades gap since Christian Bales award-nominated personification. Then there was the controversial exectuion for "Man of Steel", a denouement that a fan-scape from comics professionals to avids have burring the what-comes-next in altering Superman's rectitude.

But yesterday's announcement seems to be greeted with fans' confidence. Comments on mosts posts about this news were pithy celebratives. Even Twitter had Justice League lighting up the upper hierarchal portion for trending topics that day.

(Wall Street Journal)

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