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DC's Constantine comes to TV

Cover of Hellblazer #189 (Dec, 2003). Cover by Tim Bradstreet.
DC Comics, Tim Bradstreet

Yesterday, Warner Bros. TV announced yet another DC Comic related TV show. Constantine, a TV adaptation of DC's John Constantine, will be shown on NBC. Daniel Cerone, the executive producer of The Mentalist, and The Dark Knight Rises screenwriter David S. Goyer, will be writing and producing the show.

Comic book legend Alan Moore co-created the character back in 1985. 20 years later, Keanu Reeves portrayed the titular character in the 2005 feature Constantine.

While this is the third DC related show to be announced, it marks the first character from the Vertigo imprint. Vertigo, an imprint under DC, was created to distinguish their line of comics from traditional superhero stories. Most Vertigo comics carry an advisory label "suggested for mature readers" and so it will be interesting to see what compromises the television adaptation would have to make in order to be shown on primetime network.

It is also worth noting that DC is ramping up their TV adaptation series and doing a much better job than Marvel. While Marvel recently premiered Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the 24th of September, they still have not announced other TV series. So, while Marvel is leading DC with feature film adaptations, DC is leading Marvel with TV adaptations. The rivalry between the Big Two leaves fans with a plethora of choices.

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