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DC's Batista is Back in WWE!

Batista Returns to WWE
Batista Returns to WWE
WWE Live Events

Dave Batista, a DC native, made his return tonight on WWE Raw after a four year absence (wow, where does the time go). He came out at the start of the show to join his former Evolution mates Triple H (nothing he can do will make me like him) and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton (thank goodness he skipped out on the military). He made his intentions clear that he is back to challenge for the WWE World Title (yawn) and to win the Royal Rumble this weekend in Pittsburgh, Pa. I will be in attendance at the Rumble and I truly hope this does not happen (If Batista wins, I will scream and F5 someone)! He looked like he was in good shape, considering online reports had him working with Gracie Ju-Jitsu (this is their house, they built it) recently to prepare. I hope this does well for him because he was lousy (very lousy), at best, in the ring and not too spectacular on the mic (Warrior was mad he shook the ropes). The WWE Mattel series included a "WrestleMania 30 Dream match" series that featured him and Brock Lesnar (the beast) in a battle pack so I hope this is a sign that he does not win the Rumble spectacular. The rumble is my favorite event of the year for the surprise factor or returning guys (Jericho's "I Never Lost It Baby" was my favorite moment from last year) and the "winner has a shot at the title at Mania" aspect. I love to see great wrestling, not punches and big guys that look awkward by falling down. I think there are plenty of new stars that he can feud with because he has name recognition (somehow) and will keep his return fresh as valuable. But some stars can't afford to lose as other greats like Shawn Michaels can lose but still look just as good or even better when they started the match. I love the WWE and I'm loyal to the product (I always miss ROH and the WWE has the best writing & talent its ever had since the early 2000's) so I hope Batista comes and improves the quality of his matches and the company. The WWE Network will be introduced in February so even if he doesn't improve, we'll only spend the 9.99 to watch the pay per view he spoils!