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DC Restaurant Week Recommendations!

Spanakopita at Kapnos
Spanakopita at Kapnos
Priya Konings

Restaurant week starts tomorrow, and you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to dine at some of DC’s best restaurants for just $35 for 3 courses. With so many participants, it can be hard to know where to make a reservation. Here are some recommendations to help you make a decision! Also: all of these venues mentioned feature vegetarian options on their restaurant week menus.

1. Bibiana: Bibiana is Ashok Bajaj’s only Italian restaurant in DC, and it is an ideal option for restaurant week because the regular menu is pretty pricey, so the restaurant week menu is a great deal. Also, unlike many other restaurants, for restaurant week Bibinana offers 8 or 9 options per course, so there will be something for every palate. Appetizer options include a mozzarella, beet, and almond salad, soup with spinach, rice, and a 45 minute egg, escarole salad, and more. Enjoy entrees such as ricotta filled agnolotii, creamy risotto, a variety of different pastas. The options are equally as varied for dessert, where you can order a cheese plate, a fruit salad, panna cotta, or for something more decadent, chocolate custard or rich semifreddo.

2. Zengo: What's great about Zengo’s restaurant week is that they offer their entire menu. You can choose any appetizer and entrée you want, which is fabulous because you are not restricted to a small menu. Some of their best items are their won ton tacos, mushroom arepas, crispy tofu, and fried rice. For dessert choose from churros and a special dessert, although truth be told, you can’t go wrong with the churros!

3. Kapnos: This Greek-inspired restaurant from Mike Isabella is a fun choice for restaurant week, as they will be offering 4, rather than the traditional 3, courses for $35. Choose from grape leaves, smoky eggplant dip served with flatbread, spanakopita, feta salad, and more. For dessert, don’t miss the sweet apple baklava.

4. Daikaya: For an Asian twist on restaurant head to Daikaya, where you can indulge in a 5 course Japanese dinner. Items on the restaurant week menu include edamame with chili and lemon, grilled avocado, skewered zucchini, and rice balls with different fillings. For dessert there is chocolate ice cream with miso-banana caramel, chocolate crisps and crushed banana chips or strawberry sorbet with white chocolate sauce.

5. Ambar: This Eastern European hotspot on Barrack’s Row is offering a fantastic restaurant week deal, with 4 courses for $35 and nearly a dozen choices for each of the first 3 courses. Their bread basket is one of their best options for the first course, as it comes with loads of hearty fried sourdough and three delicious spreads. Zucchini soup and a refreshing salad with cucumber, tomatoes, and cheese are both great options too. For your next course, there are choices such as mushroom crepes, topped with a rich béchamel sauce, crispy leek croquettes, and crunchy cheese pies, served with cool and creamy cucumber yogurt. Just remember to save room for dessert!

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