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DC Nightlife: Tattoo Bar!


Tattoo Bar is one of the more unique venues in DC. With an edgy, hip, rock ‘n’ roll theme, Tattoo Bar offers a place to enjoy both the simplicity of a bar and the splendors of a nightclub, while avoiding the heart thumping “house” music that most other places only offer. The rock ‘n’ roll lover will enjoy an evening of great music, good company and excellent customer service and their flexibility of music genres makes it a true pioneer of the “Party Rock” theme in the DC nightlife scene.

Tattoo Bar

Rocking a 90 inch projection screen and seven high definition TV’s, they provide visual entertainment with a mixture of music videos, nostalgic clips from movies, the various images of tattooed people as artwork, motorcycle chains or the infamous “ghost rider” crashing the party over the bar, there’s always a visual feast at Tattoo Bar. Tattoo Bar offers VIP table/bottle service options for group parties. VIP Tables are available all nights of the week by reservation or a first come first serve/walk-up basis. For lager parties, the “Ink Room” allows for up to 20 guests to enjoy a semi-private party area. The “Rock Star” table which allows for a maximum of 10 guests is completely private and boasts the added bonus of a “bird’s eye view” of the entire bar. The Boom Boom Room offers a private experience and is equiped with a mini bar and provides that ultimate V.I.P. privacy for groups. Larger groups can reserve the entire 2nd floor of Tattoo Bar that will comfortably accommodate up to 40 guests. Tattoo offers a full bottle service menu and runs nightly specials and promotions to make the overall VIP table experience both enjoyable and affordable.

Tattoo Bar's new General Manager, Jessica, was kind enough to take time and answer some questions about herself and the venue.

Hey Jessica! First, can you tell me a little about yourself?

Jessica: "I was born in Pittsburgh, PA. I have two younger sisters, a younger brother, two younger step-sisters, and a step-brother. My family is very close. Actually, I lived with my sister for awhile here in Virginia. I went to undergrad at Washington University in St. Louis where I majored in Biology and Psychology. My plans were to eventually go to into healthcare. After college I moved to DC where I went to graduate school. While in graduate school, I got a part-time job as a bartender at Midtown Partyplex. I worked very hard on one of their weekly parties which turned into a huge success. I really enjoyed talking with guests and planning events. At that point I decided to focus on event planning and customer service."

What's one thing you wished every patron knew when coming to order?

Jessica: "I wish every patron would know that all of our staff have other careers, jobs, school work, and ambition outside of nightlife. The staff is very well educated and hard working. It is so great that we can all pull together our talents to make Tattoo Bar successful."

What's the worst pick up line you've heard?

Jessica: "Haha, I have heard a good amount of cheesy pick-up lines. I think the worst was:
Guy: "Do you like raisins?"
Me: "No..."
Guy: "Well, how about a date.""

How about the best night you've ever had?

Jessica: "My first night at Tattoo Bar was amazing! All of my friends and family came to check out the bar. It was great to see that so many people supported me in this industry. I am very lucky and humbled. "

What's one thing about you that no one would expect?

Jessica: "I am a cat lady. Shout out to my cat Peyton (Yes, after Manning)."

For more information, check out Tattoo Bar's site or call 202-408-9444 for more information. Their Facebook group is Jessi's Girls. Get access to drink specials, complimentary open bar, free cover on special events, etc. Any girl can join! The link is:

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