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DC Green Party Puryear Reaches out Using Social Media

Eugene Puryear reaches voters via social media
Eugene Puryear reaches voters via social media
YouTube photo by author

The Green Party US offered a webinar yesterday, "Media Tips for Green Candidates."

The Media Committee co-chaired by Scott McLarty and Starlene Rankin, campaign media directors, and other Greens provided tips on how to use social media to reach a wider audience.

In fact many of today's voters, especially Generation Z to Gen X, are addicted to checking their online devices at various times of the day: Cell or Smart phones, i-Pads, Skype, and the Internet form the basis of rapid mobile telecommunications.

Green Party candidates who have continually been short-shrifted by our powerful two-party system would do well to exploit social media to interact with potential voters.

Ironically, the less voters believe that their Congress members should be re-elected, the more money seems to be spent in expensive television ads from non-green sources.

Thus, it is imperative that Green Party candidates understand their constituent demographics and use campaign managers, media directors, and volunteers to reach out, whether by pamphleting, attending marches, or giving e-news interviews.

Take for instance, Eugene Puryear. This year's candidate for DC City Council was a grass-roots activist from his earliest days at Howard University. recorded him last year at ANSWER's Hands off Syria. Here he is being interviewed by Abbie Martin of Breaking the Set on YouTube--more speeches or news clips are at

If you want to learn about Mr. Puryear in general, there is an entry at

You will find that he has been active with the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) as a presidential candidate in 2008; in addition to his current affiliation with the DC Statehood Green Party--the only party endorsing DC's right to Statehood.

On Puryear's campaign page,, you can learn about interviews such as with the Washington Post; or his white papers, such as "Make Housing Affordable." He supports benefits for lower income workers, job creation for the formerly incarcerated (to prevent recidivism), and the creation of a charter D.C. Public Bank.

His media director has built optimal accessibility into feeds to his other online pages.

Just scroll down to select an event. For instance "Congress Heights Clean-up," and from the Check out photos link you can view his Facebook photos of himself and friends, yes, picking litter!

There are other white papers, such as "A Job is a Right!" which feeds right into Puryear's site.

For those with Smartphones and iPads, you can keep tabs on what Mr. Puryear is up to next via Twitter (with a photo of Malcolm X!) or Facebook.

Just in case anyone is more intrigued about the progressive Council candidate, you can Search on Duck-Duck Go to find out about his books, Shackled and Chained, and China; the latest endorsements by tenants right group TENAC, and by American Federation of Municipal and State Employees Local 2401.

Does it really take this much work to get the message out that Eugene Puryear promises to be a capable, convincing voice for the 99% as an At-Large DC City Council member?

After all, the November 4th election is still five months ahead.

According to the Independent Political Report, Puryear stated in his general election:

This will be a positive campaign that emphasizes the need for social and economic change. Working families from all political parties are suffering from the effects of income inequality, low wages and skyrocketing housing costs. Likewise, the degradation of the planet’s environment by the biggest multinational corporations doesn’t affect people based on their political affiliation — it affects everyone — and our message that it’s time for a new voice in D.C. politics will resonate among people across the political spectrum.

One thing is for certain: the vocal support of DC's lower and middle working class, faced with less and less affordable housing, the uncertainties of a large pool of talented underemployed young people, pinched left-leaning NGOs, an increasingly privatized school system---all provide an upward pressure capable of lifting Puryear to the Hall to represent the People.

And so far, all signs are that this is exactly what this ambitious young man intends to do.

To find out how you can help with the DC Statehood Green Party campaign, click here.

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