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DC Court ruling nukes ObamaCare web site can not offer subsidies web site can not offer subsidies

ObamaCare is dead. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that subsidies for purchasing insurance under ObamaCare can only be given to those who purchase insurance via the state exchanges. But only 14 states have created such exchanges, and purchasers of ObamaCare in the other 36 states used the exchange at The court upheld what the law says, that subsidies can only be provided via the state exchanges. This effectively kills ObamaCare in those 36 states that have not, or refuse to, set up state ObamaCare exchanges.

Most who signed up for ObamaCare, signed up in those 36 states that have no set up the exchanges. These subsidies were the means by which ObamaCare was intended to provide insurance more affordably to those who otherwise can not afford to purchase it. By eliminating the ability to offer those subsidies via the federal exchange, the court ruling, which upholds what is written in the law, effectively destroys ObamaCare.

The only legitimate remedy for the Obama Regime to save ObamaCare is to go to Congress and ask them to change the law and allow the federal exchange to offer subsidies. But a Republican House that as voted to repeal ObamaCare several times is surely not going to go along with legislatively fixing ObamaCare. This ruling could effective begin the unraveling of the so-called Affordable Care Act.

The coming enforcement of the employer mandate of ObamaCare will likely be the end of the implementation of the legislation. When millions of Americans get notice later this year that their employer will be canceling their insurance at the office, and they will be left with the only option of looking for a plan at the ObamaCare exchanges, the popularity of ObamaCare will decline further and it will likely only lead to a push just before the election to vote for Republican candidates who pledge to repeal ObamaCare. It could just lead to Republicans winning both houses of Congress this year and 2016 and the election of the next president in 2016 who will sign that legislation to repeal ObamaCare.

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