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DC Comics news: Wonder Woman film rumor mongering, and "Justice League: War"

Even the Amazon warrior princess would be amused at this week's rumor frenzy.

The best of what little DC Comics news there is for January 5th - 7th, 2014!

Wonder Woman is hot enough to dominate the Internet on false rumors, but not enough for her own film!?

The iconic DC Comics heroine who Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment insist is too "tricky" to star in her own solo film continues to dominate the internet whenever any sort of news, rumors, or announcements in regards to her on the big screen emerge online - even when such utterances turn out to be blind speculation! Newsarama summarizes the situation quite well, and it is quite a whirl. Fan website and habitual comic book film rumor mill "Batman on Film" made speculation that in their attempt to explain Wonder Woman's existence to moviegoers in 2015's "Batman vs. Superman" film, the film's writers and producers may claim that her lineage doesn't exactly trace to mythical Amazons or Olympic gods, but the ancient Kryptonians who landed on earth 10,000 years ago as stated in the heap of exposition offered in this summer's "Man of Steel". While "Batman on Film" has been accurate about some of their "insider rumors" over time, even the article's writer later claimed it was "pure speculation" on his part.

That, however, didn't stop virtually every major comic book and pop culture media website from running with the story as if it were a legitimate announcement or at least a rumor leaked by a key grip for the film. Everyone from Comic Book Resources to IGN to i09 to the Mary Sue to Jezebel, and so on. This is atop the media frenzy that ensued when Gal Gadot was officially cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming film, which sparked notice from TV news programs such as "Good Morning America" and so on.

The takeaway from this is seeing how poorly DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers may have misplayed their hand. The studio have been leading from behind compared to Marvel Studios since 2008, and even that is generous when one considers the success that Marvel film licenses have had for Fox or Sony with even second tier franchises such as "Ghost Rider" or "Daredevil". After a successful five year plan to introduce solo heroes in their own successful films and then unite them in last summer's "The Avengers", Warner Brothers is now stuck playing catch up after a near decade of relying on Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy and having varying degrees of disappointment with "Superman Returns", "Green Lantern" and "Jonah Hex". While "Man of Steel" did gross nearly $700 million worldwide, that was apparently below expectations and it has been surpassed by Universal's "Gravity" and Disney's "Frozen" - both of which center on heroines as their leads. Quite literally, the one thing that DC Comics had over Marvel Studios which was theirs alone was ownership of the most iconic and everlasting super heroines the world has ever known, who has predated Ripley, Buffy, and Katniss Everdeen.

If there is so much buzz over DC Entertainment's decision to cast Wonder Woman in what is at best an extended cameo role in a film featuring two male heroes who between them have been featured in thirteen previous feature films, imagine the wind which would have been at Warner Brothers' back had they boldly given "Wonder Woman" her own producer, director, script, star, cast, and movie. Warner Brothers brass claims having Gadot "introduce" the heroine even the elderly in huts in the jungles of Brazil are aware of as a cameo will make it "easier" to produce her own film later, but it won't feel quite as bold, special, and above all, equal.

New clip for "Justice League: War" online!

On February 4th, the latest in the "DC Universe Animated" DVD features will hit store shelves. It is "Justice League: War", which is an adaptation of the first six issues of "Justice League" by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee which began with the "New 52" relaunch in Fall 2011. It was preceded by a adaptation of the crossover event which birthed the new continuity, "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox" (which was based on "Flashpoint", after Geoff Johns story). As the first tale of the new universe to be immortalized into animation, expect the media push to increase now that it is less than a month before its release.

The latest clip shows Batman and Green Lantern running into each other in Gotham City while fighting an alien Para-Demon - one of the minions of Darkseid. The piece will feature the two as well as Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, and Shazam (who replaces the often disrespected Aquaman) meeting, bickering, and becoming a team. For the record, out of 19 of these animated DVD films released at a rate of two to three a year from 2007, the fourth best selling one was "Wonder Woman", from March 2009. While DC Entertainment may seem to imagine that Green Lantern has replaced her in their "trinity", regular animation purchasers haven't been convinced.

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