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DC Comics news: The Movement's axed, "Arrow"'s back and Shipp on "The Flash"

Yet another Gail Simone book at DC bites the dust.
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"The Movement" stops in May!

DC Comics may have proved unable to fire writer Gail Simone from "Batgirl" last year, but neither have they been able to keep her on any other book that lasts. DC Comics sought to capitalize on the "Occupy" movement as well as the viral nature of their young fans with two launches, "The Movement" by Simone and a companion book, "The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires" in May 2013. The latter, which featured young and wealthy figures trying to influence their world, saw its final issue at the start of January.

Gail Simone stated on her blog that despite a recent crossover with "Batgirl", "The Movement" failed to get the sales it needed and will end with May's twelfth issue. It featured a team of little known DC heroes who represented the "99 percent" of people who didn't have access to the wealth and power of figures such as Batman or the Flash. Considering how many series DC has launched since Fall 2011's "New 52" era have ended before issue twelve, it is in fact a small miracle that this low selling series even lasted this long.

DC Comics will march on with new ongoing series; Green Lantern villain "Sinestro" will get his own ongoing series by Cullen Bunn and Dale Eaglesham in April. While continuing to write "Batgirl", Simone has since branched out from DC Comics with Dynamite Comics' "Red Sonja" and an upcoming run on "Tomb Raider" for Dark Horse Comics.

"Arrow" renewed for a third season!

DC Comics superheroes continue to earn ratings and dividends for the small (at least compared to CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX) network TV station, "The CW". "Arrow", a Green Arrow TV series produced by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen has just been announced as returning for a third season. This shows the network's confidence in the series as production continues on a spin-off for "Arrow", which will be "The Flash". The second season premiere averaged over 2.5 million viewers last October and the series has never seemed to fall below that number so far.

Between this and the ten season run of "Smallville", no DC Comics related TV series has lasted less than three seasons on "The CW" since 2002, when "Birds of Prey" tanked after one abysmal season.

New "Flash" series casts star of old "Flash" series!

The casting for the "Arrow" spin off series, "The Flash" continues and this latest addition will add a bit of history and nostalgia for fans. John Wesley Shipp, the original star of "The Flash" series which aired on CBS for one season in 1990, has been cast as a "mysterious character" in this new "The Flash" series for "The CW" which will star Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Sources state that it is essentially a cameo role which could become a regular one should "The Flash" get a full season order from "The CW".

Newsarama theorizes that this role could actually be of the original comic book Flash, Jay Garrick, who originally debuted in 1940's "Flash Comics #1". This is not Shipp's first foray back into the legacy of the scarlet speedster after the end of his own "Flash" TV show; he voiced the villain Professor Zoom in a 2010 episode of "Batman: Brave and the Bold".

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