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DC Comics news: Synder to direct "Justice League" film and the new Wally West

The real question is, will they fight a giant star fish in the movie?

"Justice League" film confirmed before "Batman vs. Superman" has an official title!

It has been a secret to no one observing both mainstream comic books and major Hollywood studios that Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment have long envied the success that Disney and Marvel have seen with their Marvel Studios series of films from 2008's "Iron Man" to 2012's "The Avengers" and subsequent hits in the "cinematic universe". A "Green Lantern" film in 2011 was envisioned as their start to a long term DC superhero universe, but its' massive failure at the box office scared WB executives back into the Bat-cave and relying on Chris Nolan's "Batman" films for several more years. 2013 saw the debut of "Man of Steel" as directed by Zack Synder and produced by Chris Nolan, which saw success, although perhaps not to the degree that the studio envisioned. Thus, the sequel to "Man of Steel" has been announced for 2016, has no official title and has added cast members such as Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Just days ago, Variety revealed that another role - that of Victor Stone/Cyborg - had been cast and that stage actor Ray Fisher would portray the character in the sequel that is still dubbed "Batman vs. Superman".

Warner Brothers' zeal to imitate their competitor as rapidly as possible has been far from covert, and yesterday the Wall Street Journal put that zeal in stark terms. WB president of worldwide production Greg Silverman stated that a "Justice League" film would follow the unnamed "Man of Steel" sequel and that Zack Synder would direct it as well. "It will be a further expansion of this universe. 'Superman vs Batman’ will lead into ‘Justice League'," said Silverman, also noting that a script for "Justice League" was being developed. It was unlikely that such a film would debut before 2018, however.

Other DC Comics said to be in development by Silverman included "Shazam", "Metal Men", "100 Bullets", and "Fables". There has been no further word on the previously announced "Justice League Dark" film. As for a potential "Wonder Woman" film, president of worldwide marketing Sue Kroll stated, "That is our hope. With the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her". Let readers note that WB, just four years ago as "Iron Man 2" was due to hit theaters, dove head first into providing a script and a near $50 million budget to little known Western hero "Jonah Hex". Warner Brothers foolishly failed to capitalize on the popularity of the John Stewart incarnation of Green Lantern from five seasons of a "Justice League" cartoon to one-up their rivals on getting a starring hero of color to the big screen in 2011; it is a shame that they're proving even more foolish with the chance to produce a film starring one of the first and best known heroines of the 20th and 21st century with the same zeal as they once gave a scarred cowboy, and are refusing to see it.

Wally West returns in new way in "Flash #30" and "The Flash Annual #3"

After being absent from the "New 52" continuity of DC Comics since September 2011, the character of Wally West, once known as Kid-Flash and then the actual Flash for twenty years, is returning to DC Comics and the title he once starred or co-starred in for so long. This comes as a "Flash" TV show develops for the CW Network this fall.

In this interview with Comic Book Resources, Robert Venditti and Van Jansen answer some questions as to this new incarnation of Wally, which will have synergy with the upcoming TV show. The biggest change is that he is twelve years old...and "biracial", in an attempt at a more diverse universe. In fact, the Flash (Barry Allen) learns from a trip to the future that Wally is set to die, and it is now his task to rewrite history and save the boy whose fate seems to be so great to the universe. He is the nephew of Iris West, who in most comics lore will become Barry's wife. This attempt to allow a very well known character to flex to the times is perhaps the boldest step towards diversity that DC Comics has made in it's "New 52" launch; especially since it has still nixed certain characters such as the Asian Cassandra Cain, or the African Vixen (who briefly appeared in "Justice League International" before being crippled).

As to the reaction of loud fans on the internet, it went as could be expected. Bleeding Cool stated a "fear" of this new version of Wally, and one fan took to a "We the People" petition on the official White House website to "force" DC Comics to change course. Venditti and Jensen had to "address the controversy" on IGN, as a matter of fact. All in all, these are very interesting times for the "fastest man alive".

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