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DC Comics news: new "Batman Beyond 2.0" arc, and "Batman v. Superman" filming

The Batman of 2041 is coming at you weekly!

Latest "Batman Beyond 2.0" story brings back the Phantasm!

Kyle Higgins has done a lot on DC Comics' digital first "Batman Beyond" comic since taking up the reigns from Adam Beechen last July. He advanced the story line and the cast ahead a year, finally allowing Terry McGinnis and Dana Tan to leave high school for college. He's also split the newer Batman with the retired Bruce Wayne, instead making the middle aged Dick Grayson into Terry's new mentor. This past spring, he's also teamed up with new "Justice League Unlimited" writer Christos Gage in a digital crossover strip which pitted both Batman and the JLU against the "Justice Lords". As always with the series, Higgins' run straddles the line between lore from the comics and the Bruce Timm produced animated cartoon series from 1992-2006. Naturally, all of the digital first "Batman/JLU Beyond" comics are later reprinted into a physical edition shortly after being sold online - formerly as "Batman Beyond Unlimited" and now as "Batman Beyond Universe".

For this next arc, Higgins is teaming up with his Image Comics collaborator Alec Siegel to fill in the gaps of that missing year. This naturally means more details on what finally made Terry and Bruce part ways (mostly), as well as seeing a return of Andrea Beaumont - otherwise known as the vigilante Phantasm, from 1993's animated feature, "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm". For a story this intense, the story will be released at a weekly rate, which is likely why Higgins needs a co-writer to keep up with such a schedule. Playing with the continuity of various animated series is smart, as they're far more well known to common readers than most of the complicated history of the DC Universe (especially with the latest continuity conundrum, the "New 52"). "Batman Beyond Universe", and it's previous incarnations, has long been a rare bright spot in DC Comics' monthly schedule.

"Batman v. Superman" filming rocks Detroit!

Although the official release date for Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment's "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" isn't until May 6th, 2016, principal photography and filming has already begun in Detroit. Despite the studios' attempts to keep things locked down, this means more leaks and peaks at sets and costumes.

The first set of shots seem to showcase a Metropolis in turmoil and destruction. Such things shouldn't be surprising not only due to the history of Superman in film and his often his hometown gets wrecked, but due to the last act of "Man of Steel". Details include a mangled police car as well as a sign from "Wayne Financial". Speaking of Wayne, some fuzzy shots of Ben Affleck as Wayne also popped up online.

As a summary, the confirmed cast includes Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishbourne and Diane Lane reprising their roles from "Man of Steel" as Clark Kent/Superman, Lois Lane, Perry White and Martha Wayne (respectively). New additions for this team up/versus match are the aforementioned Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Tao Okamoto as Mercy Graves, and Holly Hunter as an unnamed U.S. senator. Rumored cameo roles include Ray Fisher as Victor Stone/Cyborg and Jason Momoa as Aquaman, naturally to continue to frantic effort to release "Justice League" around 2017. The story, said to be inspired by "The Dark Knight Returns", will likely see the two titular heroes fight before some probable alliance against some larger threat.

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