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DC Comics news: Multiversity, a "Scalped" TV show and Dick Grayson as a spy

More other worldly shenanigans for Grant Morrison!
More other worldly shenanigans for Grant Morrison!
Comic Book Resources

Grant Morrison's "Multiversity" finally has a release date (again)!

After years of writing some of the highest profile books at DC Comics - such as "Justice League of America", "Batman", "Batman Incorporated", "Final Crisis", "All-Star Superman", and "Action Comics", not to mention his Vertigo work - Grant Morrison has mostly left the monthly grind of the DC universe. One of the two ongoing projects he has left with the company is "Multiversity", a project which was first talked about in 2009 and envisioned with a 2010 release date. Now, Comic Book Resources has revealed that the first of this seven part adventure is set to debut in August 2014, and will last until 2015.

As Grant Morrison himself states, "Multiversity" is a long winding epic featuring some of the hottest artists in the industry that weaves the adventures of several DC Universes into one long opus. Each issue will be forty pages long and feature one adventure within one of these universes, with "a two part framing story and [a] comprehensive guidebook to the many worlds of the Multiverse". The first issue in August will feature art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado with color by Nei Ruffino, and seems to star an alternate "black Superman" who was featured in Morrison's "Action Comics" run. Other chapters will feature art by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Ben Oliver, Frank Quitely, and Cameron Stewart.

Among the alternate universes to be explored are "the Vampire Justice League of Earth-43", "the super sons of Superman and Batman", and apparently the reader themselves as the hero of Earth-Prime. There is no word as to whether the current "New 52" or even the previous DC Universe from 1986-2011 will be represented. As sales of various DC Comics titles continue to plummet, prompting relaunches and cancellations, another high profile project by Morrison can't come soon enough. His other remaining project, "Wonder Woman: the Trial of Diana Price", will presumably debut sometime in 2015 but will likely be released sometime before doomsday (probably).

"Scalped" being adapted to TV!

Yet another "Vertigo" title is being eyed for an adaptation on the small screen. The Hollywood Reporter hears that the WGN Network is seeking to create a show based on "Scalped" by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera. It ran for sixty issues from 2007-2012 and centered around the lives, times, and dangers of residents of a fictional Native American reservation in South Dakota. Doug Jung of "Banshee" fame will work on the script for the pilot. "Scalped" has long been a critical darling and hype for this could reach levels normally reserved for any word about the adaptation of "Sandman".

Batman's sidekick returns in "Grayson"!

It has been no secret that DC Comics' editorial board has long had some disagreements on what to do with Nightwing - the adult former sidekick of the Batman, Dick Grayson. During "Infinite Crisis" in 2006, it literally came down to a debate among top brass as to whether he survived the event or not. And for decades he existed as not only the most well known of Batman's partners, but a founding member of the popular "Teen Titans" franchise and a hero in his own right as Nightwing. With the character exposed as Nightwing and believed dead to the world following "Forever Evil", he will now return to comics in "Grayson", which sees the character operating as a gun toting spy to thwart evil while remaining "dead" to the world at Batman's insistence.

The series will be written by Tim Seely and Tom King (an ex CIA counter terrorism officer) and drawn by Makil Janin. The premise will see Grayson endure some pain having to be apart from his family, although he will continue to fight evil as a member of "Spyral", an agency which was introduced during "Batman Incorporated". The new series debuts July 2nd, two months after the "final" issue of Nightwing.

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