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DC Comics news: "Gotham" gets full season and trailer, and AMC's "Preacher"

More Batman on TV? Fox doubles down!
Hollywood Reporter

"Gotham" officially set for 2014-2015 on Fox, complete with trailer!

It was no secret that a "Gotham" TV series based on the past history of Batman's iconic city was due up for a series run at Fox, considering that the network would have had to issue a payday after issuing a "series commitment" to the project as the pilot was being filmed (meaning Fox would have lost a huge sum of cash had it not ordered a full season). Regardless, the Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the seasonal order officially; the show will get a full seasonal at the network from 2014-2015. It stars Ben McKenzie as a young detective James Gordon trying to be an honest cop in a city riddled with corruption, a strong criminal underworld and no end of lunatics rising to the fore. The cast includes Donal Logue as detective Harvey Bullock, Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot (the future Penguin), Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma (the future Riddler), Camren Bicondova as a young Selina Kyle, and David Mazouz as a young, recently orphaned Bruce Wayne. In fact, solving the murder of the wealthy Waynes is one of Gordon's chief cases for the series. In conjunction with this, Fox's official YouTube channel uploaded a longer two minute trailer for the series which is longer than many of the smaller trailers revealed earlier. It also depicts a young Poison Ivy as part of the cast.

Although the WB Network/The CW Network has long been the go-to network channel for adaptations of DC Comics characters in both animation and live action, this move by Fox is a "back to the future" tactic. In the recent past, "Human Target" (loosely based on the DC Comics title) aired for two seasons on Fox from 2010-2011. In the distant past, Batman was once a large part of Fox's weekday afternoon line up with the historic "Batman: the Animated Series" airing on their channel from 1993-1995. The dark knight is also the healthiest and best maintained, and most exploited, in DC Entertainment's bag of tricks.

AMC's "Preacher" won't be a literal adaptation!

In an interview with Slashfilm, co-writer and co-executive producer of AMC's "Preacher" TV adaptation, Seth Rogen, gave an update as to progress and tone. He stated "expanding" on some of the ideas from the original Garth Ennis comic and making a show which is surprising to both newcomers and hardcore fans of the iconic "Vertigo" series. Considering that we live in a world where media depictions and accounts of real life historical events are often altered despite these being real events whose details were precise, the idea of a comic book adaptation not being 100% faithful to the original source material is old hat. Naturally, the question is to what degree will it deviate, and will these deviations hurt or harm the work as a whole?

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