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DC Comics news: First look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and more from SDCC 2014!

Drab colors, serious must be a DC Comics film!

First official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman rocks SDCC '14!

At least, it certainly gave Marvel/Disney a run for their money. With "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" heading to theaters in summer 2016, DC Entertainment certainly needed something to garner attention away from the latest gravy train of Marvel Studios pictures. They certainly got it when they revealed the first official image of Gal Gadot, best known for appearing in two of the later "Fast and the Furious" films, in her costume as Wonder Woman. The image went viral and landed everywhere from the usual comic sites like Newsarama to general news sites like the NY Daily News and Jezebel. Of note are how drained the usual red, white, and blue colors are and the vague resemblance the costume has to the one Lucy Lawless wore during her tenure on the 90's syndicated series, "Xena: Warrior Princess". Still, it is extremely close to what she wears in current comics and video games, albeit with far more muted colors. Among her costume details are larger bracelets as well as a sword as a main weapon as well as high heeled boots - which earned some ire online but is likely to help the 5' 9'' Gadot match up to her much taller co-stars, Ben Affleck (Batman) and Henry Cavill (reprising his role as Superman from "Man of Steel"). Wonder Woman has worn both heels and straight forward boots in her comic book appearances.

In addition, some new images of Ben Affleck's Batman were also revealed, notably a close up profile of him in the cowl. There was also a teaser reel shown which showed him donning armor and standing near the Bat-signal, which was soon shining near where Superman was hovering. A showdown was implied. Naturally, as a Zack Synder film, the tone was grimly serious with almost all colors beyond black, white, bronze, and crimson being muted.

Some reveal regarding Wonder Woman on film was long expected at this convention, as well as the hype and mass media reaction afterwards. Whether DC Comics recognizes it or not, Wonder Woman is one of the most popular and well known heroines in all of pop culture, after all. And while many breathe a sigh of relief that she isn't donning a leather jacket, some perspective is in order. This isn't a reveal of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman as the star of her own film. It is the reveal of what is, at best, a glorified supporting role in a film about two alpha males fighting each other which will serve as her first live action feature film appearance on what in 2016 will be her 75th anniversary. The character's first film appearance, period, was as a cameo in last year's animated hit, "The Lego Movie". One could imagine her late creator William Moulton Marston would be a bit appalled at the notion of his creation, intended to give girls a superhero of their own in 1941, being introduced in cinema as a prop between two men (one of whom, in the comics, she's been thrust upon as a mate by editors). Should "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" do as well as DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers hopes, it will lead to a "Justice League" film as well as a potential solo "Wonder Woman" film in the near future. While Gadot has long been a very unique beauty, her acting experience has been mostly limited to some very low brow action films.

To be blunt, the one lone advantage that DC Comics had over Marvel was ownership of the most well known super-heroine in media. In an era where some of the highest grossing films of the year being headlined by women over the past years from "The Hunter Games" to "Frozen" to "Gravity" to Malificent", it is a shame that DC Entertainment didn't take the bull by the horns with a solo Wonder Woman film right out of the gate. It seems especially more strange if one remembers that Warner Brothers was perfectly willing to throw nearly $50 million into producing a film about "Jonah Hex", a cowboy hardly anyone has ever heard of, just four years back. There seems to be a rising vigor for a lady led superhero film over the past decade, and the studio which taps it first may well be printing themselves a billion dollar payday. Warner Brothers may still beat Marvel Studios to getting "Wonder Woman" on screen before any of their lady marvels headline a film, but they've made it needlessly hard on themselves.

A lost "Batman '66" TV script to be adapted as digital comic!

After a long wait and endless reruns in syndication, times are good for fans of the original "Batman" TV series from 1966 which starred Adam West and Burt Ward. The series is finally coming to DVD and blu-ray in November, which a massive box set that includes a top quality transfer and no end of extras, including a toy Batmobile. The series has also seen life in comic book form as the digital first comic, "Batman '66", written by Jeff Parker and featuring art by talents such as Mike Allred and Dean Haspiel. A crossover with Dynamite Comics' "Green Hornet", paying homage to the TV crossover in 1967 between the vigilantes, is currently being written by Kevin Smith.

Prolific writer Harlan Ellison reportedly wrote a script for the TV series which would have introduced Two-Face to the series, and even attempted to cast Clint Eastwood in the role! A scarred TV reporter rather than a prosecutor, the villain was considered "too gruesome" for the show at the time, and the teleplay was lost to history. Now, writer Len Wein will take a turn at adapting it to comic book form alongside artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and inker Joe Prado. By sheer coincidence, "Batman: the Lost Episode" goes on sale in November, too.

New trailers for "Constantine" & "Arrow", and more!

This fall into next year will see DC Entertainment dominate network TV. "Gotham", a look at Gotham City with Bruce Wayne as a child and James Gordon as a beat detective, is set for Fox this fall. Meanwhile, "iZombie" and "The Flash" will debut soon on The CW. Also airing on that network will be the third season of the hit series "Arrow", which introduces Ra's Al Ghul to the franchise. In addition, "Constantine" on NBC also benefits from a new trailer. It will remain to be seen how well many of these new debuts will go, especially "Gotham" as Fox can get very trigger happy with cancellations, no matter how loosely connected to Batman they may be.

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