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DC Comics news extra: Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. take over "Superman"

John Romita Jr. gets a crack at the man of steel!
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Legendary artist John Romita Jr. is set to begin his first work outside of Marvel Comics, and he's teamed up with DC Comics' second biggest character alongside their biggest writer of the decade!

As the year 2013 wound down, John Romita Jr.'s exclusive contract with Marvel Comics had expired, and the longtime artist made it known that he would be exploring opportunities elsewhere. This was not due to any ill will or strife with Marvel Comics, but a chance for the longtime artist, who is nearing sixty, to change things up and challenge himself further. The son of the equally legendary artist John Romita Sr., best known for "Amazing Spider-Man" and "Daredevil", his career officially began at Marvel in the late 1970's but had started in 1969 when he created the Prowler for "Amazing Spider-Man #87". Since then he's enjoyed long runs on many of Marvel's biggest comics, including but not limited to "Amazing Spider-Man", "Daredevil", "Iron Man", "Uncanny X-Men", "Thor", "The Sentry", "Punisher: War Journal" and "World War Hulk". He also is the regular artist and co-creator of the Marvel Icon series "Kick-Ass".

Now, DC Comics has officially announced he will be drawing "Superman" as of April's 30th issue. This also means a change of writer as DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns will also be taking over story duties on the comic. Scott Lobdell had been writing the book for roughly two years. No specifics about their run have been revealed, other than both creators have "dreamed" of working together and what a big opportunity it is for Romita Jr. to be drawing "Superman". Considering Jomita Jr. has been a staple of Marvel Comics' roster of artists for 35 years, DC Comics certainly were wise enough to put him on a big book with a big writer alongside him. For once, a rare bit of good public relations for a publisher which seems to screw up a lot in the eyes of some fans.

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