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DC Comics' Birds of Prey returns with Gail Simone



  • Kelly 5 years ago

    Man. Talk about good news, bad news. Nothing I would like more than to read Birds of Prey by Gail Simone again...but not with Ed Benes drawing it. What a shame.

  • Wesley Smith, Columbus Comic Books Examiner 5 years ago

    I don't know that Benes would have been my first choice on the title, but this seems to be fitting into a pattern DC has right now of returning creators to titles they are most closely associated with (Johns/Flash, Simone & Benes/BoP & Giffen/JLI). We'll see where this goes.

    I'm more concerned with the character model for Huntress, though. The whole 'bare midriff' thing has never made any sense to me, especially for a character who uses crossbow bolts for her primary weapon. I was hoping they'd get away from that.

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