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DC Comics becomes DC Entertainment, Paul Levitz steps down as president and publisher


Paul Levitz

Warner Brothers Entertainment has restructured DC Comics into DC Entertainment.

The biggest immediate change is that Paul Levitz has stepped down as president and publisher, replaced by Diane Nelson, former president of the Warner Premiere direct-to-DVD line who has also handled the Harry Potter franchise for Warner Brothers.The new division will now report directly to Jeff Robinov, President of Warner Brother's movie division.

Though the news comes on the heels of Disney's recent acquisition of Marvel Comics, it is most likely not a response to that announcement, as most reports say that this restructuring has been quietly taking place behind the scenes for as long as two years.

After stepping down from his current position, Levitz will return to his past role as a writer and editor, taking over scripting duties on Adventure Comics following Geoff Johns' departure from the book with issue #6.

You can read the entire press release here.