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DC bringing back Bruce Wayne in '10


Sketches courtesy of Andy Kubert, DC Comics, 2010

It appears that DC is bringing back Bruce Wayne come April of 2010 with a six-issue mini series that will take Bruce Wayne on a trip through time to get back to Gotham City. Grant Morrison is slated to write the epic tale of where Wayne has been since Darkseid killed him in Final Crisis #6, while a different team of artists will take on each issue. So far the itinerary is set for the first two issues with Chris Sprouse handling #1 and Frazer Irving taking #2. Andy Kubert is handling all of the character designs (see above) and it should prove to be another DC hit.

It's not immediately known what role Wayne will play in future Batman lore, and while some feel that it's too early to bring him back it should be a very interesting trip through time. Wayne will rise through the caveman period up through the witch trials of the 1600's. He becomes a pirate, a cowboy from the old west, and a crime-noir detective, finally ending up confronting history itself. It's an interesting concept and I hope it pans out accordingly within the storyline and lineage. I'm still one of the holdouts for Wayne to stay in limbo for a while while Dick Grayson, who currently dons the cape, comes into his own as the Caped Crusader. Who knows? DC might very well keep Wayne on the outer fringe of Batman for a while, which would be fine too. Right now a Wayne-less DC Universe isn't exactly suffering, and while I fully understand the dynamics of keeping him the one-and-only true Batman, why not let the story run a while on its present course? Dick Grayson is handling the mantle quite well with some very innovative and interesting storylines, including the Red Robin book, which is one of DC's best! 

Andy Kubert designs, courtesy of DC Comics, 2009.

As with anything DC has recently put out, this should be a very exciting storyline, especially with Morrison handling the story. DC might jut have another hit to lead us into springtime. Well wait and see what time has in store for Bruce Wayne...or what Wayne has in store for it.

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