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DC and Green Ronin join forces

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Green Ronin Logo
Green Ronin

Yesterday Green Ronin announced that it is partnering with DC Comics to create DC Adventures RPG this August.  The new RPG is slated to be released this August and is based on Mutants and Masterminds. For those not familiar with Mutants and Masterminds, it is the front runner of super-hero table top games.

DC Adventures will consist of 4 full color books, with art from top comic book artists.  The first book Hero's handbook will be released in August.  The first volume of Heroes and Villians will follow this fall with the remaining two installments, Heroes and Villians Volume 2 and DC Adventures: Universe, coming out in 2011.

Check out Green Ronin's site for more information and previews between now and the first release in August!


  • John Fiala 4 years ago

    This is a pretty good fit, I think, although I'm still pretty fond of the old DC Heroes system.