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'DayZ' update coming Monday, shotguns and hacksaws incoming

The first big patch, post-holiday, is coming next week. Prepare for berry picking and saw-off shotgun making.

DayZ impressing even in alpha. 1 million copies sold is saying something.
DayZ impressing even in alpha. 1 million copies sold is saying something.
Surviving the apocalypse is a masterful art.

DayZ, the hit survivor title from Bohemia Interactive, is getting a hefty patch on Monday, January 20, according to an update posted on the forums by creator, Dean “Rocket” Hall today. Rather than installing the new build directly to DayZ alpha, the development team is wisely testing the patch via their experimental branch first.

“This build is being tested on experimental branch, and contains a number of fixes and changes that have been in preparation for the last two weeks,” Dean Hall said in a forum post. “Please note that we do not expect that this build will be quickly posted to stable branch as we anticipate at least one more update will occur to Experimental prior to being pushed to stable,” he detailed.

This patch is slated to update “stable” on Friday, January 24. Those interested in trying out the pre-build can opt into the experimental branch by going to their Steam account settings and choosing “beta branch”.

Hall went on to clarify pertinent inquiries, like, “Does my saved character get affected in experimental branch?” to which he answered, “No.” It is a separate database, thus will be a completely different character.

The post exhibits a laundry list of fixes and new additions to the game, including new clothes, melee weapons and guns like the shotgun. There will even be a crafting recipe for a saw-off version. The latter two items were revealed earlier in the week by DayZ art manager, Chris Torchia via twitter.

A few stand out fixes from the list include a decrease in backpack, .357 and M4A1 spawning. Additionally, dead characters will disappear after 10 minutes now, which (when you think about it) serves as a cautionary indicator, should you come across a dead body. Also, stomach capacity has been “balanced”, whatever that means; we like to assume this is good considering your character’s need to eat and drink is kinda of all over the place.

Some of the better additions to expect include 20 round boxes for the .357, color variants for every shoe type - a much needed boost for customization, however small it may be - a hacksaw and spray paint, which can be applied to the Mosin; hopefully that includes a forest green for the camo sniper look.

With that said, our two favorite items on the list were berry picking and the Coastal Harbor town, Svetloyarsk. That latter of which will have “surrounding areas” and will serve as new ground for looting and engagements.

In case you’re wondering why berry picking made the faves list, it’s because this (along with animal hunting and cooking when they’re added) will provide that survivalist resourcefulness that many players, myself included, loved about the mod. It’s the beginning implementation of the pure survivor. One who doesn't need to loot in the hot zones like cities. A “wolf” player who uses the natural environment to survive. These survivors make up some of the smartest and potentially most dangerous players in the game.

For the full list of fixings and additives, check the forums here and see what newness gets you jazzed for the zombie apocalypse.

DayZ is currently available on Steam, in early access alpha form, for $29.99. Over one million copies have been sold thus far so there’s plenty of action on the servers daily, despite the game’s premature development stage.

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