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'DayZ', 'Rust' could be heading to next gen consoles soon

"DayZ" and "Rust" are two of the most popular games currently being offered on the Steam computer game retail service. They are so popular as a matter of fact that they are giving better known games with bigger budgets a run for their money when it comes to sales numbers. Reports surfacing on Friday and Saturday seem to indicate that the developers of both titles could soon be bringing their games over to the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

Bohemia Interactive

"DayZ" creator Dean Hall let it slip in a recent interview that he has been in "extensive" talks with Microsoft about bringing his game to the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 might not be far behind:

"We'd certainly consider release on any feasible platform with a realistic publishing model," said Hall, in an interview with Gamereactor. "It seems like currently both of the next-gen consoles should provide an environment we can develop inside."

Those who would love to see the game get to next generation consoles do need to cool their jets a little bit. For starters, Hall made it clear he would like to look at bringing his game to the PS4 but he hasn't had any talks with Sony. Even those extensive talks with Microsoft haven't actually gotten a deal done.

Zombie games have been popular on the consoles for a while now, though it seems as if the usual "kill as many as we can" zombie game is getting a bit stale. Games like "State of Decay" and "DayZ" add a different take on the genre, having more to do with surviving instead of slugging your way out of a herd.

Survival horror games are picking up steam the way Zombie games did about a decade ago. "Rust" is one of the newest and most popular of these crafting, survival games. Facepunch studios has been facing quite a few questions over the last few weeks about moving from PC to console and Gary Newman recently responded that the studio was indeed looking to join the next generation consoles.

“So with Rust, we are planning to port it to consoles. We haven’t started that process yet. We’re not planning anything until we’ve tried to get it running on one of the consoles and know what problems we’re going to face. Either way neither the PS4 or XBone have any kind of early access program as far as I know, so it will be a while away.”

Newman wrote this on the company's official website before he was gently reminded by Adam Boyes that Sony does indeed have a kind of "early access" program known as "paid betas." The response seems to indicate Sony, at least is as eager to get games like "DayZ" and "Rust" on its console as gamers are.

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