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DayZ is taking Steam by storm, but has it come far enough?


DayZ delighted gamers everywhere during its time as a mod for Arma II. Zombie fans, survival fans and strategy fans alike were fascinated by its captivating location and 'edge-of-your-seat' gameplay. DayZ has come a long way since it first attracted millions of players to its bug-ridden mod-state, but has it come far enough?

Gamers seem to think so. During the early stages of DayZ's Steam release, the game received an overwhelmingly large amount of negative reviews. The store page was littered with bad reviews because of the game's price point. In DayZ's alpha state, many gamers argue that it should not cost 29 USD. Updates, to begin with, were also released relatively slowly. The game also had many of the same bugs and issues that its mod predecessor had.

This has changed overtime, however. Now, the majority of reviews recommend DayZ. Many updates have now been released, large amounts of content have been added, and the game seems to have pleased gamers yet again. Arguably the most surprising thing about DayZ is that it stayed in the top sellers section for the entirety of the Steam Winter Sale, and was not on sale.

It would be a mistake to dismiss DayZ in today's gaming climate. Zombie-themed games and movies are enveloping pop-culture, and DayZ allows players to live out their own zombie survival horror in whatever way they see fit. With developers that respond to criticism, and an ever-growing fan base (judging by how DayZ is almost always on the top-played charts) it may very well be worth your money.