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'DayZ' development priorities listed by Bohemia, beta coming end of 2014

What lies on the horizon for DayZ? (Bohemia Interactive)

The multiplayer zombie survival game, DayZ, ratched up 875,000 sales in its first three weeks as part of the Steam Early Access program but there's still much work left to be done. Bohemia Interactive laid out the priorities Monday for what is to be fixed with the title over the coming weeks.

"We’re already seeing unbelievable player stories happening every day in the game even in its very limited Alpha and we’re focused to make huge progress in 2014 on many areas of the game," Bohemia's Maruk wrote on the game's official Tumblr site.

"In the short term, we’re going to focus on the most critical problems you’re experiencing atm and at the same time we’re going to work on the road to the DayZ Beta. We’re going to re-evaluate the roadmap plans in the second half of January but here is a list of the existing top priorities on our to-do list to make DayZ really meet or hopefully exceed your expectations."

  • Server performance, stability and security
  • Animals & hunting
  • Cooking & gathering resources
  • Playable user customizable vehicles
  • Player created constructions in the environment
  • More complex interactions with the environment and crafting options
  • Streamlined user actions and interface
  • Control and animations expanded and improved for fluidity
  • Upgraded graphics and physics engine (including ragdoll, etc.)
  • Support of user mods and more flexibility for user hosted servers and game types

The impressive sales of DayZ means that Bohemia Interactive can afford to dedicate more resources towards the game's development. As a result, the roadmap of planned features will be re-evaluated later in January.

Meanwhile, the DayZ Beta isn't planned until the end of 2014 at the earliest. Despite the impressive sales numbers, creator Dean Hall warned gamers to stay away from the title until at least later in the month. This was reiterated in the Tumblr post stating that only those willing to deal with the many bugs and missing features in the alpha version should put down the $30 needed for the game.

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