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Daytona Bike Week Safety Tips: Look Twice – Save A Life

Look Twice - Save a Life campaign logo.
Look Twice - Save a Life campaign logo.
Daytona Beach Fire Department.

Bike Week is underway in Daytona Beach, and the Daytona Beach Fire Department is promoting the “Look Twice. Save a Life” campaign. Some of the tips for resident and visitor drivers, compiled by Daytona Beach Fire Department Lt. Larry Stoney and Lt. Michael Harvey, include:

  • Double-check traffic at intersections before you turn or pull out.
  • Always check your blind spots before changing lanes.
  • Treat motorcyclists with the same respect you give to other motorists.
  • Leave at least a four-second distance between your car and a motorcycle in front of you. Note when a motorcycle passes a point in the road. If your vehicle passes the same point in less than four seconds, you’re following too closely.
  • When passing a motorcycle, give a full lane to the motorcycle. Do not share lanes!

Although this Examiner has not kept a formal count, he can report that the Daytona Beach Fire Department and Volusia County Fire Services have been dispatched to numerous motorcycle accident calls throughout the day and evening Saturday.

Click here to visit the Daytona Beach Fire Department website.

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