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Daytona 500 rain delay: 'God is not happy' about racing the 'Number 3'

Danica Patrick was just one of Austin Dillon's victims.
Jared Wickerham/Getty

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won the 2014 Daytona 500 after a six hour and 22 minute rain delay. According to a February 23 report by ESPN, there was even a tornado warning in the area. During an interview during the rain delay, NASCAR fan Mack Goodson, explained why the weather took a turn for the worse. “God is not happy,” he said. “He doesn't like it and sent the rain and storms.”

Goodson was referring to the fact that Dale Earnhardt's famed and retired “Number 3” was racing. It was the first time the “Number 3” had ran a NASCAR race since the 2001 Daytona 500. That was the day that Dale Earnhardt was killed in a crash.

“It is disrespectful to Dale to run his car,” Mack Goodson continued. “The number was retired. It should stay retired. The only person who should race in that car is Junior and he doesn't want to because that was his daddy's car.”

Despite the rain, tornado warning and, according to at least one NASCAR fan, God's wrath, the 2014 Daytona 500 continued. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. took the checkered flag, winning the second Daytona 500 of his career.

“I watched the race and kept my eye on Austin Dillon,” Goodson said. “I was scared for the kid. He was in trouble and starting trouble throughout the race. I have no idea how he managed to finish.”

Austin Dillon started on the pole. He quickly fell back. He was involved in several near misses and two mult-icar crashes in the last 55 laps. During those crashes, Dillon took out Danica Patrick, Michael Waltrip and damaged several other cars. He even ran into the back of Ryan Newman, a fellow Richard Childress Racing teammate.

“He has no business in that car,” Goodson fumed. “It was a miracle he didn't hurt himself or someone else. I was just waiting for some horrible to happen and it almost did.”

Despite everything that happened on the race track, Austin Dillon managed to finished in ninth place. That was the best finish by a rookie in the race.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. emerged as the winner. Racing against the “Number 3” didn't seem to have an impact on his racing.

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