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Dayton OH Job and Family Services have things in common with Massachusetts

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Kathryn Williams of Englewood, Ohio was sentenced Wednesday for her part in the death of 14-year-old Makayla Norman in late 2011. Makayla had been born with severe cerebral palsy and was unable to talk, walk or take care of herself physically. She was completely dependent upon people to help her make it through her days and Williams was just one of them who were suppose to help her.

Williams is one of four people, the list includes Makayla’s own mother Angela Norman, who were charged with her death and she is now going to be serving 30 days in prison with the adult court giving her a year probation. William’s job was to visit and inspect the living conditions, administer a physical of Makayla every 30 to 60 days and supervise Mollie Parsons, the nurse whose job it was to administer in-home care six days a week to Makayla.

The teenager’s body weight was a mind-numbing 28 pounds at the time of her death and had been covered in bed soars and dirt. Lice had even coated her eyelashes it was that horrifying. Prosecutor Matt Heck, Jr. said her home was filthy and vile and, sadly, it isn’t hard to believe. “The conduct of these four defendants transcends all bounds of human decency,” Heck said.

Makayla’s mother was the first of the bunch to be sentenced at nine years in prison and Parsons, the nurse whose job it was to administer in-home care six days a week was sentenced to 10 years.

All this ties into Thursday’s news of Olga Roche’s resignation from Massachusetts’s Department of Children’s Services (DCS) because both Parsons and Williams were employees of Exclusive Home Care Services that was contracted by Ohio’s Job and Family Services Department (JFS) and the death of children are involved.

Mary Kilby of Miamisburg, the other nurse charged with Makayla’s death, worked with CareStar who is also contracted with JFS to manage Medicaid Services and check living conditions every six months.

Kilby was in charge of hiring and managing people through Medicaid to take care of the teenager and was to physically check on living conditions every six months, Williams was to make sure the in-home nurse was doing her job and was to physically check on living conditions every 30 to 60 days, Parsons was to be inside the home every day six days a week, and Norman was to be a mom.

Before Makayla died, she was 28 pounds, covered in bed soars, dirt and lice. The way they described Makala’s little body is so much more disturbing that it can not be shared here, it is that horrifying. She died a tragic and repulsive death because she had not just a ‘mother’ who didn’t care to do her job, but apparently state employees as well.

For more info: for those who want more information, please contact the Ohio Attorney Generals Office at: 800-282-0515 or local: 614-466-4986. They are located at 30 E Broad St #14, Columbus, OH 43215 (Transit: E Broad St & N High St). For directions, please see Google Maps

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