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Dayton area trout releases

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources website shows that the Spring trout releases for the Dayton and Springfield area are as follows:

Rush Run Lake
: March 19
Sycamore State Park Lake: March 25
Clark Lake: March 26

1.Don't go the first day unless you want to be elbow-to-elbow with lots of fishing wanna-be's, who will be using gear that is much too heavy and making way too much noise!  Exception: If it rains, get out there! Many of the folks who frequent the first day of a release are strictly fair weather anglers.
2.Hatchery trout are stupid! Don't bother getting fancy with your lure or bait selections!
3.These are still trout. Half a mule on a bent buggy axle isn't going to get many strikes. Use light line (4 lb is optimal), set your drag by pulling against a bent rod like you should and throw something flashy out there!
4.Trout in lakes orient to the surface. They will probably be less than five feet deep, especially for the first two or three days. Take care not to fish below them! You'll lose more lures for no reason. If you use bait, hang it under a bobber for the same reasons.
5.Take along something like Berkley PowerBait just in case! With gasoline at $2.60 per gallon, there's no sense in wasting the trip!
6.Don't break your arm making long casts! Hatchery trout hang in packs for weeks after release in lakes. They troop around the shore or the drop-off nearest shore looking for food just like they did in the hatchery tanks.

Armed with these few tips, possibly a few, small white or silver spinners and a jar of PowerBait, you can expect to bring home at least a few trout, fresh from the hatchery. It's a good way to begin the season if you can stand to wait that long!


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