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Daytime Emmy spotlight: chatting with 'The Talk's' Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert, co-host of "The Talk" on CBS
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

It’s been a banner year for CBS Daytime. The Number 1 network has received an astonishing 60 Daytime Emmy nominations this year with every show in their line up getting some recognition. Well into establishing itself as a seasoned afternoon staple, CBS live chat fest, “The Talk” has been nominated for Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment and for Outstanding Talk Show Host for its co-hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood.

The Daytime Emmys ceremony will be held live on Sunday, June 22nd in Beverly Hills.

Daytime TV Examiner caught up with producer and co-host, Sara Gilbert to get her thoughts on the noms and to get her thoughts about what she thinks makes the show a success.

Check out the interview with Sara below:

Phyllis: Congratulations on the Emmy nominations. What do you think it is about the show that has you receiving nominations every year? And also Outstanding Talk Show Host?

Sara Gilbert: Shocking. I don’t know. (Laughs) I think we go in there and have a great time. We try to laugh and talk about things that are fun and connect to our audience. You know it sounds cliché but any recognition is kind of a bonus. We’re just having a great time doing what we do.

Phyllis: As a producer, who put this all together in a sense are you more nervous about the behind the camera stuff or going on live every day?

Sara Gilbert: No, now I feel like there’s a team that works on that end so it’s all running smoothly and for me I enjoy hosting. It doesn’t really make me feel nervous anymore. At the beginning all of it makes you nervous, the producing, and the hosting and now that it’s doing well and on their way it just feels good.

Phyllis: Do you have any favorite moments from this past year?

Sara Gilbert: I always like our premiere episodes. We did “The Secrets” this year. I like those, those kind of things.

Phyllis: This there anything that the show hasn’t done that’s on your wish list?

Sara Gilbert: I think it would be fun to shoot the show live from some restaurant in a small town, like maybe move around to different towns. Take kind of a road trip. With logistics and budgets and broadcasting live from, challenges stuff like that. To me, that would be a cool way to reach people.

Phyllis: I talked to Julie and Sheryl for a little bit and I feel when you guys have discussions; even when you don’t agree, it never seems to get heated. Do you decide on that together before the show? How does that work? You guys manage to keep it civil.

Sara Gilbert: That’s just the way we talk to each other. You know honestly, we start the topics in the morning meeting and we enjoy discussing things and having different points of view. It’s funny because even in my own life, sometimes there’s people you talk to and when you disagree… we have different memories, that’s what dictates us. We also appreciate each other’s varying view points, it’s good for the show. We always appreciate each other.

Phyllis: You guys just got back from a week of shows in New York, You’re very busy. How do you manage to keep everything running smoothly?

Sara Gilbert: I just put one foot in front of the other. They tell me where to be and I show up. A lot of people help me figure it out. My schedule gets busy but there’s all these great producers who help you know where to go and where to be.

Phyllis: You’ve been in the business for a long time so you’ve seen a lot, but did you ever think 10 years ago or even five years ago that you would be doing what you are now? On a live television show?

Sara Gilbert: No, I never would have imagined it. It’s so opposite of my personality and it’s really been something that I had to develop. I’m excited because to live the scene over and over again, so it’s better than I expected.

Catch "The Talk" airing weekdays on CBS.

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