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'Daytime Emmy Spotlight': chatting with 'Let's Make A Deal's' Jonathan Mangum

What started out as a fun way to land on TV and earn a big bucks while wearing a silly costume and carrying a purse full of random miscellaneous items, has turned into a household favorite. The classic game show,“Let’s Make A Deal” celebrated more than 50 years on the air with three Daytime Emmy nominations, helping CBS Daytime receive a whopping 60 nods overall. The show hosted by Wayne Brady, received nominations for Outstanding Game Show alongside “The American Bible Challenge, “The Chase,” “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” and fellow network show "The Price is Right." Also nominated is Outstanding Game Show Host, Wayne Brady.

Jonathan Mangum of Let's Make A Deal

Daytime TV Examiner caught up with the show’s announcer, Jonathan Mangum to get his thoughts on the show and to get his thoughts on his and Brady’s dynamic as they often serenade the contestant looking for a “DEAL” and trying really hard to avoid the dreaded “ZONK.” Check out the interview with Mangum below.

Phyllis: You’re getting ready to start production again on the show. Talk about the show. You guys improve so much. It looks like you’re having so much fun, you and [Emmy nominated host] Wayne (Brady).

Jonathan Mangum: It’s a blast. I’ve known Wayne since we were nineteen years old and all we do is just make that show up. I mean we don’t really make up the prizes, those are behind the curtains. But all the stuff, all the fun stuff with each other, no rehearsals – we just show up and do it.

Phyllis: So you two have known each other for that long? Where did you guys meet?

Jonathan Mangum: We met in Orlando Florida and started doing improve together and we were both nineteen years old at a place called Sak Theater and we all moved to LA and joined the improv group “House Full of Honkies,” which was kind of funny cause there was one honky who was not in the group. And then from then came “Let’s Make A Deal” and I’ve been touring with him. He’s been a great friend. He always puts me in everything he does so…

Phyllis: So when he got the hosting job, did you know? Did he call you? How did it come about?

Jonathan Mangum: When he got to be the host, he said “I want my buddy to be the announcer.” I had never announced anything in my life. I didn’t even know how to really. I had to learn the voice. (lowers his voice an octave and says) “There’s a new car,” so he’s been a great friend.

Check the Daytime Emmys when they are streamed live online on Sunday, June 22nd beginning at 5:00 p.m. Eastern at

“Let’s Make A Deal” airs weekdays on CBS.

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